Incredible Moment As Lost Dog Returns Home With A Goat And A New Dog Friend

Incredible Moment As Lost Dog Returns Home With A Goat And A New Dog Friend

Dogs are often referred to as "man's best friends," They can turn out to be the most loyal pets you can ever have.

The reason? A dog will play with you, comfort you when feeling lonely, and in some extreme cases, protect you from danger. So, when your beloved pet goes missing, it's always a frightening and sad experience.

In the Krier Family case, losing their dog for a few days turned out to be the most hilarious and extraordinary experience. They not only found their lost pet but also discovered he had met a canine friend and a goat.

Well, this is interesting.

One night, a black Labrador, Bo, ran away from home, but this time he never came back

According to Laura Krier, their home in Concordia, Kansas, is surrounded by open fields. So, when Bo ran away for hours, they assumed he went out to explore around.

When he didn't return that night, Laura and her husband Kyle got worried and started searching for him.

Unfortunately, they couldn't locate Bo after looking until nightfall

Kyle wrote in an online posting:

"We looked all over the place for him and could not find him. We decided to go home and wait for him to come back, but he never did. I went out in the morning to look for him and found no sign of him anywhere."

They even posted on their own Facebook page requesting for information that could lead to Bo's return home.

Kyle had even begun to give up hope, it seemed that he'd never see his beloved Bo again

Thankfully on the following day, the family got a call informing them that a dog corresponding to Bo's description had been spotted playing in a field six miles away with another dog and a goat.

Kyle explained:

"My wife got a call that someone had just about hit a black lab, a white lab, and a goat on the road. My wife called me and told me the news, and I knew right away, that was our dog. I left work right away. I saw the crew out in a cut bean field on the east side of the highway."

Bo had met a canine friend , a golden Labrador to be precise; that's why he wouldn't go back home.

But there was another friend Bo met, and this time, it was a goat

It seems Bo doesn't discriminate against non-canine animals.

Kyle drove to the field where his beloved pet was spotted to pick him up. He even gladly accepted Bo's new friends and allowed them to travel in his truck with him. Yeah, even the goat!

In a video shared by Kyle, all three new best friends seemed excited and happy to be around one another as they climbed the truck.

After a few days, it was discovered that the goat friend belonged to Kyle's next-door neighbors, Chris and Shawna Huggins, and they had been searching for their dog and goat.

It also turns out, Bo's new friends have names too. The dog and goat are called Ozzy and Libby. And they are loved by their family just as much as Bo is cherished by his.