In The End, Every Man Regrets Losing The One Who Waited For Him To Get His Shit Together

In The End, Every Man Regrets Losing The One Who Waited For Him To Get His Shit Together

Romantic comedies have led guys to think that a woman will wait around for them to get their act together, however long that takes. The woman will stick around as the guy tries to figure out what he wants out of life, climb up the ladder in his career and get everything in order.

Sounds too good to be true? That is because it is. This is the stuff that Hollywood scripts are made of, but it couldn't be further from the truth in real life.

Yes, women are patient, maybe too patient. She will give you many chances, far more than you ever deserve, but even the most patient of women has her limits. When that time comes and her patience runs out, you had best believe her when she says that she is completely done.

Women will stick around a long time and hold onto a relationship because it's in their nature to see the best in everything. She will look at you and see all that you can be. You may not be anywhere near the best partner, but she will choose to see all you can be. She will hold onto the hopes that you will change and, with time, become the best version of yourself. That's the only reason she will keep giving you chance after chance.

One day. It will finally hit her. When she finally realizes that you are not going to change, and she has had all she can take, she will make the decision to walk away and will not turn back.

She will close the door on the past that she shared with you and only look into all that the future holds for her. She will realize just how much of a waste of time waiting around on you was and she will make a deliberate decision not to make that mistake again. That is to say that even if you try to wiggle your way back into her life, she will not allow it because she knows better.

Your bruised ego will lead you to try and shift the blame on her. You will tell yourself over and over again that it didn't work out because she wasn't the one. The truth stands that you will always be the only one to blame, no one else.

She tried to hold on for as long as she possibly could without losing her sanity until enough became enough. She put up with what others may not have been able to, but she finally found the courage to free herself.

You will regret treating her the way you did and allowing yourself to lose her. She loved you and stuck by you when you were at your worst. Not many would and she will always be a gem for staying around for so long.

Unfortunately, it will be too little too late when the regrets dawn. By the time you realize what an amazing woman you had by your side, she will have moved on with her life and even found herself a man who sees her true worth.

Guess what? You will have no one but yourself to blame. You took your sweet time getting your shit together. Now it's too late.