In Texas Natural Disaster This Furniture Store Owner Heroically Offers His Store As Shelter — Again

in texas natural disaster this furniture store owner heroically offers his store as shelter — again

Real-life heroes don't wear capes and don't have superpowers. They know when it's time to step up and show that there's still humanity left in humans.

Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures: that's not what you expect to see in Texas. Yet, this winter proved that no one's ready for climate changes. But some are willing to help those in need.

Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale is that man

When Houston area lost the electric power, and roads turned to ice, people felt hopeless, forgotten.

Jim McIngvale, or "Mattress Mack," wanted to make everyone feel safe. So, he used his two galleries, Gallery Furniture, and opened the stores while putting mattresses in its new trade school and high school.

Mack thought he would only be able to take care of 200-300 people. Instead, he provided over 3000 meals and accommodations for over 700 people.

He told ABC:

"They're all slightly shell shocked when they get in here. We feed 'em, we give 'em sweatshirts, and they warm up. It's a good feeling in a bad situation."

But this isn't the first time McIngvale helped.

Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale and the hurricane

Mack went viral back in 2017. Hurricane Harvey struck Houston and he opened his galleries as shelters.

At the time he stated on the company's Facebook page:

"We're opening up both buildings as shelters during this horrible time."

"We've got lots of beds, we've got lots of food, we got water, and you can even bring your animals."

Again, in 2019 tropical storm Imelda hit and Mack offered shelters to those in need.

People across the States know him for his commercials. But the locals are aware that he's a genuine Good Samaritan.

People are learning about these much-needed act of kindness

Texas winter was extremely difficult due to Covid-19.

Mack and his team did their best to follow the guidelines and maintain social distance between those who were looking for help.

These good deeds didn't go unnoticed. Social media commentator had a lot of praise, as one Michigan resident stated on Facebook:

"I live nowhere near Texas, I'm in Michigan. If for whatever reason I ever move to Texas, be sure you'll have my patronage! Thank you for your kindness."

A comment from Windy City said:

"Shoutout to Mattress Mac from Chicago! You are An absolute blessing to those in need and an inspiration to everyone. This story has done so much more than warm and feed Texans—it is a beacon of light and hope for our entire country. You are a true angel!"

From the South, a comment wrote:

"I live in Georgia and this is something that warms my heart. I know y'all are cool and hungry and to read something like this is amazing. Thank you Gallery Furniture for doing this. God bless."

Mack gives away shelter, food, clothes because he feels that's the right thing to do. You can also support his humanitarian work through GoFundMe.

He told The Post:

"To whom much has been given, much is expected."

"We've benefited from public support over the years, so it's our obligation to open our doors and let people come in to get a respite from the storm. It's the right thing to do."

His conclusion was that we all have to something:

"Anybody who needs it -- whether they're homeless, whether they lost power, whether it's just wanting to come in and get something to eat -- anybody wants to come in,"

"We all have a responsibility for the well-being of the community."