In Need Of Relationship Advice? Check Out Netflix's "Always Be My Maybe"

In Need Of Relationship Advice? Check Out Netflix’s “always Be My Maybe”

"Always be my maybe" is a 2019 modern romance movie written by Ali Wong, Randall Park, and Michael Golanco. The movie is modeled around an old but popular romance movie "when harry met sally." with a touch of Asian spice- I literally mean Asian food. Always be my maybe explains the struggles of modern relationships.

In the movie, two teenagers- Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Park) who lived close to each other, become friends and eventually part ways due to an awkward sexual experience and drive for passion. Years later, Sasha becomes a celebrity chef while Marcus continued working with his father. The romance movie clearly gives some relationship advice like:

When feelings arise, let them flow

You have feelings about him or her, tell them instantly don't wait for anything. Waiting might make the other person who might also be crushing on you feel you don't care and then move on to another person- this situation is always heartbreaking.

I strongly believe that relationships formed when both partners are young always have a stronger bond. This strong bond is a result of both parties giving full attention to each other because of fewer distractions from "grown-up stuff." In the movie, Marcus and Sasha had crushes on each other but waited too long to tell each other. This made both make poor decisions even though their heart wasn't interested.

Follow, share, and respect each other's passion

Everyone has that one thing they love doing that gives them joy- their passion. Passions are unique to everyone and it's hard to find someone who loves you and is driven by the same passion as you. Some people try to force their partner into liking their own passion in the name of reducing disagreements but that's the worst way to handle it. The best way is by accepting, acknowledging and respecting each other's passion.

Look beyond the outside

Most relationships end before they even start because some partners are only attracted to the cover of the book, not the pages. No two beings behave identically. They might look identical on the outside but are so different on the inside. So, it's best to know your partner well.

In the movie, Sasha's achievements initially made her go after high class, but she later regretted her actions.

Fear should be a challenge, not a stopping point

Everyone is afraid of getting their heart broken or being rejected so. They tend to hide their feelings so that they don't scare their lover.

Most times, it is best to express your fear. It shows that you care. Just like Marcus, he decided to hide and live in his father's shadow because of the death of his mother which made him indirectly push Susan away. But when he realized what his fear had made him do, he decided to go out and face his fear and this brought a positive impact on his singing career and relationship.