In Modern Relationships, We Cheat On Each Other Literally Daily

In Modern Relationships, We Cheat On Each Other Literally Daily

You're cheating on your partner every day. The fact that you're barely aware of it doesn't make it right. And what's even worse is that you're emotionally distancing yourself from your partner, and you still have no idea.

It goes like this: you wake up to the sound of the alarm on your phone. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, your social media is exploding. Only after you're done with notifications, you send your partner a morning message.

So, what's it got to do with cheating? You're not having sex with anyone else, but you're not precisely communicating directly with the person you're involved with. You are, however, sharing your intimate moments with "followers" or "friends," and it was emotional cheating ever BSM – before social media.

We Are Spending Lives Trying To Prove That We Are Good Enough For Anyone In The World, But We Pay No Attention To The People Around Us!

Let's go back to the 70s or the 80s. If your partner sent and received mail and cards from another person, wasn't that a bit too much? Instead of emojis, people used words, but the bottom line stays the same: when you're sharing yourself with others, you're a cheater.

All that time you're wasting talking to strangers, giving them updates and photos of your life, it should've been used to make your relationship more secure. Maybe have a coffee break with your SO or plan a date night. But what's the point when you're on the phone again?

Everyone's doing it, so it can't be that bad, right? Wrong! We are more distanced than ever and don't act like you're not like photos of people you find attractive. And if they start a chat, what do you do? Respond, since that's polite. And then you continue writing, winking, sharing, and disconnecting from people who really make your life better.

We Need Reminders To Live Outside The Digital World!

Don't act so clueless. You are looking for your exes, and you have fantasies about random hookups with strangers you "know" from social media. It's sneaky because most people have one or two photos of their partner because they didn't want to advertise their lives. Sure, protecting privacy is essential, but you're still posting where you like to drink, eat, vacation, your favorite songs, bands, fears, hopes… You're cheating with the whole internet, and deep down, you know it.

Being present and living in the moment is becoming a distraction from living the internet life. It's upsetting on so many levels because we need to remind ourselves how to be part of our own lives. Taking control and saving a relationship means that you'll have to put effort into creating boundaries between your beloved Instagram and people who matter.

The digital world is useful, but there's a line, and we crossed it. We forget to pay attention to real relationships. We're too distracted by the ones we created on social media networks. We can't imagine our lives without our phones, despite knowing that we lack a proper human touch.

What matters the most is to gain control over your life. And it's simple, yet hard: turn off the phone when you're with your partner or friends. Include your partner in your online presence, and stop liking stranger's posts. It's a matter of habit, and you know that in the long run, it can cost you more than just a broken heart. It can destroy your mental health.