In A World Full Of Bad Boys, I Love Them. You Love Them, We All Love Them, Hell Yeah

In a world full of bad boys, I love them. You love them, we All love Them, Hell yeah

We do love bad boys, don't we? It makes no sense, but there it is.

We love them as they always seem to be the ones that make us feel amazing in their company.

They are cute, funny, sexy, and adorable and we can't resist being with them. They're dangerous and a total challenge, right?

1. They ooze confidence

Confidence seems to pour out of them.

We do love guys who have confidence. It's a powerful thing.

Keep in mind though confidence can also be arrogance, and no one likes an arrogant fucker.

2. They show indifference

Indifference seems to be something that attracts us.

They genuinely have that "I don't care "attitude.

It can be refreshing, but don't forget the reality is you want a guy that cares about you!

It's nice to have a guy that is comfortable enough in his own skin and is willing to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Yes, these guys are difficult to find, but if you do, trust me, it will pay off eventually.

3. Feeling of excitement

There is always a lot of excitement with a bad boy; you can bank on that!

Everything about them, from their typical motorcycle or high-performance cars all the way to their almost dramatic behavior.

It's easy for us to get caught up in the excitement of a bad boy and it's definitely one of the main reasons we love bad boys!

4. Life becomes an adventure

We all love adventures and when there is an incredibly exciting bad boy with us as our partner in crime, what more could a girl ask for?

We all know that bad boys have the most fun, and they live life to the fullest. They have no fear, and that's part of the attraction too.

Sorry, but you will never feel excitement like this with a good boy!

5. Up for challenges

When you're dealing with a bad boy, they love to challenge and will push you right up to the edge.

It's just one big game for both of you, but it is totally one of the reasons why we girls do love a bad boy!

6. They love to be mysterious

We are always more attracted to a guy who has a little mystery about them and how driven, we become trying to discover what that mystery is all about.

When you're involved with a nice guy, they are much more open and very willing to share information. With a bad boy, they don't like to give anything away for free. You have to earn it, which makes him that much more mysterious and interesting!

Do you have a bad boy in your life?