Importance Of Self-Respect In A Relationship

Importance of Self-Respect in A Relationship

If there's an important factor in a relationship, it has to be self-respect. It plays a vital role in bringing you the happiness you deserve.

Losing your self-respect in any relationship, either romantic or platonic, makes you a puppet. For any relationship to work, there has to be a certain level of understanding. If this becomes unattainable, then it's bound to fail right from the start.

For a relationship to work out with your partner, love and trust aren't all you need. You need to understand each other and, most importantly, respect each other.

If you're currently in a relationship where you do all the giving, and they do all the receiving, that doesn't end well. That's why self-respect exists. If they can't respect you, you should be able to draw the line for your sanity.

Generally, self-respect makes your romantic relationship a lot better. When you know your worth, you encourage others to see it too. When you don't, people take you for granted even when they claim they love you.

What Is Self-Respect?

importance of self-respect in a relationship

There's a general misconception that putting yourself first is you being egoistic. Take that far away from your mind. Self-respect and ego aren't very different in meaning, but it depends entirely on the context.

Self-respect, in a nutshell, is having respect for yourself as an individual. However, your ego understands your importance to a person, organization, etc. As you can see, self-respect helps you believe in yourself to achieve anything else.

If you date a person and have no respect for yourself, how do you expect them? How you talk about yourself and treat yourself eventually rubs off on others. It becomes a lot worse when this is in a relationship. Having someone claiming to love you to the moon and back treating you like a piece of garbage is not a fancy feeling.

Without self-respect, you can't feel equal to anyone. You'll always think of yourself as not good enough. What exactly makes you not good enough? I'll tell you something. Next time you feel you're not suitable for your partner, get out a pen and paper and write out why.

Over the years, I've come to realize that things in our heads can get blurry. They don't allow us to think rationally because we are feeding off negativity. Writing out why you feel a certain way is a great way to analyze your thoughts and emotions.

Does Self Respect Make You A Better Partner?

importance of self-respect in a relationship

Self-respect doesn't just make you a better partner but also a better person. This means you exist outside of a relationship, and that is what everyone should strive for. Everything we do affects every other thing we do.

When you respect yourself, you'll feel worthy of things such as happiness, love, and companionship. If you've ever been in a situation where you feel you don't deserve love or other people's effort, that's you losing your self-respect. Try as much as you can to eliminate that thought.

Self-respect is essential in a relationship. It makes you accept your partner and the love they give you: their admiration and all the little things. You help them understand how to love you better.

Once you appreciate and love yourself, you keep everyone in check. They know better than doing the opposite. And when they do, you should be able to respect yourself enough to check them. Or even in certain situations, walk away. In a nutshell, you command respect from everyone around you.

How Do I Know I Don't Respect Myself?

importance of self-respect in a relationship

When you notice you do things for people who'd never do the same for you, sacrificing your happiness for your partner doesn't make you romantic. Especially if they wouldn't do the very same for you, now I'm not saying you shouldn't consider your partner's feelings in making decisions, but do so rationally. Not out of fear of upsetting them.

This is why it's always better to be in a relationship with people who truly love you. Who sees your worth and doesn't take you as just another pretty/handsome face or banging body. Don't let your fear of alone making you lose your self-respect. If you had to do that, then trust me, you're better off alone.

And for the last time, if you don't respect yourself, your partner won't respect you. They could use it as an advantage and start manipulating you. That could ruin a relationship, and leave you broken and scared to love again. The tricky thing is, the cycle continues if you don't break it.

Be Intentional in Respecting Yourself

importance of self-respect in a relationship

You can be intentional by respecting yourself by believing in yourself, and learning the art of saying no when you don't feel comfortable doing a certain thing. Don't let people emotionally blackmail you into doing things you don't want to do. If you're afraid of losing your partner by standing your ground, then they aren't the right one.

Your partner should stand by you and understand you more than anyone else. They might be surprised at first, but eventually, they should accept your growth. You leave them with no choice but to make them value your opinions more and see you as more than a pushover.

Self-respect is essential in a relationship if you want it to survive. Once it's not there, it can make things very complicated. You will end up being a puppet and not enjoy things. You deserve a lot more than that, so act on it. No one else can help you but yourself.