Immature Vs. Mature Relationships: 8 Crucial Differences

Immature Vs. Mature Relationships: 8 Crucial Differences

If you want someone to grow old with, it's probably never too early to learn the differences between affection and a mature relationship.

1. Mature love only seems boring

There are no screaming matches and passionate makeups because a mature relationship is smooth sailing.

It may seem boring, but it's something that you're growing, nurturing, waiting to bloom.

Immature relationships, on the other hand, require a lot of unnecessary drama and miscommunication. They drain your energy and lack substance.

2. Immature love is an obsession

When you're in a committed, adult relationship, you don't have to text your partner every moment, and you're not having panic attacks if the person doesn't reply the moment you press send.

Immature relationships are childish, consuming, and they can bring out the worst in you. From obsessing to stalking, it may seem exciting, but it's quite humiliating.

3. Mature love is trusting

Trust is one of the basics of real love.

While learning to trust a person takes time, jealousy isn't the answer.

Jealous partners aren't just creating drama; they turn them into arguments and cause abusive and violent scenes. That's the reality of an immature relationship, and unless you're a hormonally driven teen, there's no way you can see anything attractive in that.

4. Drama-free vs. drama queen

Adult, mature love is drama-free. Immature love is the ultimate heaven for drama queens.

Some adults enjoy the drama so much so that you won't see it coming. They have self-esteem issues, or they don't know any better. If they can't grow up and give you attention because they're busy creating something out of nothing, they aren't your partner. You're their babysitter.

5. Acceptance

A mature relationship means that you're accepting each other. Immature partners are always trying to change each other.

Accepting someone, giving them support, watching them grow, and having their back, are all signs of a real relationship.

Trying to change someone is an act of a selfish person who'd rather spend the time and energy on something that will simply create new drama.

You cannot change a person. If they want to change, that's on them, but you can either accept them or not.

6. Mature relationships aren't confusing

When you're in an immature relationship, you'll question everything. Is the partner faithful? Do they love me? You'll question your looks, eating habits, and you'll never get any answers.

Mature relationships are safe, secure. They don't always last forever, but partners try to enjoy each moment they spend together. There's no need to question everything unless something serious comes up.

7. Communication

We express ourselves with words and actions. The way we communicate with our SO says a lot about us.

The immature partner will shout, play the victim, and place blame. A mature one will approach the issue calmly, try to get the resolution, and if that fails, they may shout as well.

There's a level of pettiness among immature couples because they need to push each other's buttons. In a mature relationship, no matter how bad things get, people won't sink that low.

8. The need to feel complete

Relationships can't make you whole. If you're missing something and feel incomplete, you need self-love, therapy, and self-reflection.

In an ideal world, we'd learn how to be ourselves while we are still in school. That would prepare us to enter relationships as mature, grown people. But, the reality is that many feel incomplete, and they think that securing a relationship is the solution.

Mature love knows that two people are whole and complete. They choose each other because of their qualities. Immature love is full of unhealthy needs to fill the hole.

Immature relationships inspire catchy pop songs, but you are writing a whole novel in the mature ones.