Imagine This: There Are People With Grudges Against You For What They Did To You

Imagine This: There Are People With Grudges Against You For What They Did To You

While it's a blessing to meet some people in this life, you will consider it the greatest misstep, letting others into your life.

Speaking of which, if there's something some people understand, it's holding grudges.

These guys have taken so much to this toxic habit they will do it against those they have wronged.

You Know What They Say About Holding Grudges

It's like taking poison and then expecting the other person to die.


We get that some people can hold grudges over things you did to them. It's not healthy, but at least it's understandable.

But What Of People Who Harm You And Then Hold A Grudge Against You?

Usually, they will have a problem with how you reacted to some horrible thing they did. It does not matter if you reacted harshly or forgave them.


On some level, they were counting on you having a certain reaction, but you did not come through. Maybe they wanted you to hit the roof and prove something to them, but instead, you were calm and let it slide.

Maybe they expected you to just "take it" and not lift a finger, but you called them out on their behavior, and your "aggression" became a reason for the grudge they now have against you.


What Can You Do Here?

This is complicated, right? But here are your options.

You Can Ask Them What Went Wrong So You Can Make Things Better

I know you were wronged, and your reaction was probably justified.

But since it's them who walked away with hard feelings, maybe you can try to see what you can do to rectify the situation. The ball is your court whether or not you like it. They expect you to do something.


So, to play along, ask how you can make the situation better. This will work against them because in trying to explain themselves, they will most likely see how they are the problem and not you.

They will realize how ridiculous their grudge is and let it go for both your benefits.

But if this does not happen and they maintain that you are in the wrong despite being wronged, then that should be a serious life lesson telling you how to deal with the person in the future.


Accept That The Grudge Might Be Important To Them

Yes, even if you are sure they have an unjustified grudge against you. Even though you have a reason to completely hate them, look into whether they need the grudge.

How were they brought up? How is their life going? Maybe someone in your enviable position did them wrong, and they took it out on you and still feel unsatisfied.


Maybe this person has been through the emotionally wrecking experience of living with a narcissist and they don't know which way is up.

You might realize that this person needs your pity more than a reaction to the grudge they have against you.

You Could Make An Apology

Okay, I know you are wondering what's going on here. Why are you always the one making a compromise in this? But hear me out.


That "I'm sorry" might be all you need to put this craziness to an end and move on with your lives.

Let It Go

If nothing is working, then there is only one thing left to do-letting the whole thing go.

Don't fall for the mistake of holding a grudge to revenge. It's not worth stressing yourself over someone who doesn't recognize their own mistakes.


I get that dealing with a grudge is no fun, but under these circumstances, what else can you do? Let it go and move on with your life. There is more to this life than settling silly scores.