I'm Trolled Over My Huge Eyes, People Say They Ruin My Face But I Don't Care

Samantha often gets trolled over her big eyes. According to critics, the prominent facial features "ruin" her face.

She is only 21, and on TikTok, she goes by the name sam.mcnab. So far, she has more than 239k followers.

Her videos on the platform have already received more than 26.3 million likes.

Her fans are crazy about her looks. However, not everyone thinks she looks that great.

Some have gone as far as comparing her to Tim Burton, a character who also had huge eyes.

In a video that has gone viral and received millions of views, Samatha took part in a recent trend that involves covering up what "ruins" a face.

She captioned the video, "or makes it better."

Samantha covered up her eyes with two fingers and wrote "Cover what ruins your face."

A few seconds later, she took her fingers away to show her eyes.

She claimed that her eyes appeared bigger due to the mascara she was wearing.

Even though trolls have been trying to bring her down, she has assured her fans that she loves her big eyes.

Samantha has insisted that she will not give any attention to the hateful comments she has been getting from the trolls.

All she was doing was just taking part in a trend.

Her short clip was a shock to many people, and before a week was over, it had nearly 10 million views. It also got about 740k likes, more than 5k comments, and over 5k shares.

A lot of people were surprised by the size of her eyes. Many of them complimented her on her looks for her prominent features.

One of the fans said that the eyes were "actually so damn pretty." This was echoed by another fan who said "Your eyes are so pretty."

A different person was both shocked and impressed: "You're beautiful, I just wasn't expecting that."

Still, two different people said she looked like Tim Burton and Mr. Bean respectively.

Another said they were "flabbergasted" while another wondered "How do you blink?"

It's a good thing Samantha does not pay attention to any of these negative comments.