I'm Too Old For Games - 5 Of Life's Obvious Truths People Don't Want To Think About

I’m Too Old For Games – 5 Of Life’s Obvious Truths People Don’t Want To Think About

For many reasons, lots of people just don't want to think about some of the facts of life. Maybe we're just busy and don't want to think about things that could upset us. Or, we could be stuck in our ways and unwilling to change our habits and behaviors.

Whatever the reason might be, life is full of truths that we just don't want to think about. Even though we mightn't want them to exist, they're still right there.

So here goes, 5 of Life's Obvious Truths that People Don't Want To Think About:

1. Life Is Short

Maybe the scariest obvious truth of all is that life is short. We all know this, and none of us can deny it, but we still don't want to look it in the eye.

Who would want to admit that we won't be here forever? Or that we won't always have our loved ones in our lives? Whilst we all know that there is no such thing as immortality, we still chose to push this reality away.

Of course, no matter how much we know that death is inevitable, people still die. How could we keep going if we acknowledged this dark obvious truth?

However, acknowledging the reality and inevitability of death in a healthy way helps us to cope. Avoiding this obvious truth can be really damaging, especially because death really is unavoidable.

Knowing that life is short means we can live our lives as we want to now. Thinking about this obvious truth can help us to make the most of it!

2. We Don't Need Much

We're so used to our consumer societies that it can feel like we truly need all of the things that we have. In reality though, we could all get by just fine with having much, much less.

It's an obvious truth that human beings don't need ten pairs of shoes, but we live in a society where we rarely notice that. We don't really need to take a plane each year to another part of the world, and yet we plan our trips without a second thought.

Taking some time to think about what you actually need allows us to focus on what matters.

3. Everybody Fails

Watching endless movies with successful protagonists can sometimes make us feel like we're just an average Joe. We put so much pressure on ourselves to push and push that we can take it really bad if we fail at something.

For some of us, a fear of failure can stop us from trying new things, or from stepping outside our comfort zone.

However, failure is inevitable. Even the most successful, attractive, popular people fail. We just don't get to see their failures!

Plus, failure is a really important part of growth. Life is about the journey, not the end goal, and we have to experience some failures in order to enjoy our successes.

4. Worrying Is A Waste

Worrying is like putting your umbrella up before it has started to rain yet. Worry is a waste of your energy because it will self-perpetuate, causing you to become even more worried.

It can sometimes feel counter-intuitive to try and stop worrying. After all, if you're going to be late to something, then what else can you do but worry? The obvious truth is that you can't make time slow down, and you're going to arrive when you arrive, regardless of how much you've worried.

Worrying won't change anything, and thinking about that obvious truth clears up a lot of headspace for more important things.

5. Change Is Inevitable

You can always rely on the obvious truth that life will change. Whether that's your friend group, your job, your city, or the world at large, nothing stays the same forever.

We can get comfortable in our routines and forget that everything moves along at some point. We won't be young forever, we won't hang out with the same people forever, and we won't understand the world in the same way forever.

Understandably, thinking about this could be upsetting, but change is also a positive thing. Moving on means more experiences, more growth, and more people to love and build relationships with.

Life is chaotic, and we don't know what will happen. But what better reason to enjoy what we have right now? These obvious truths may be difficult to think about, but there's value in accepting these parts of us that make us human.