I'm Tired Of Guys Calling Me "Crazy" To Dismiss Their Own Bad Behavior

Numerous women encounter situations where their romantic partners, co-workers, or even strangers on the street label them as "crazy" the moment they speak up against inappropriate or ignorant behavior. Unfortunately, I'm no exception to this. It's frustrating to see men use this term as a means of dismissing my emotions and perspectives. Here's why I've grown weary of this tactic.

1. I've Never Had My Sanity Questioned By An Emotionally Stable Man

Admittedly, I haven't had a flawless relationship with every man I've dated. However, I've noticed a pattern that the ones who resort to calling me "crazy" are typically incapable of resolving conflicts maturely. Interestingly, the men who label me as "nuts" tend to be the same individuals who throw objects when angry and consider the silent treatment an acceptable method of expressing their frustrations towards someone.

2. It's Such An Easy Cop-Out For Them

Many of the men I've encountered seem to prefer taking the easy way out by labeling me as "crazy" instead of making an effort to address the root of their problems. This approach allows them to avoid taking any responsibility for their actions. By shifting the blame onto me and portraying me as irrational, they absolve themselves of any obligation to resolve the situation. Ultimately, this attitude undermines any possibility of a healthy and productive relationship.

3. It Makes Me Feel Worse About My Own Mental Health

My life is impacted by anxiety and depression, and they have numerous adverse effects. I despise the feeling that my own mind is working against me, which is why it's especially hurtful when a man refers to me as "insane," even though I know it's not true. It's frustrating to fight against the nagging thoughts that perhaps I'm more unstable than I realize, which only adds to the existing difficulties.

4. It Used To Make Me Question My Own Reality

When a past boyfriend called me "crazy" for the first time, I was genuinely hurt and confused. I couldn't comprehend why someone who cared for me would use such a derogatory term towards me, which made me question if it had any truth to it. However, with age, experience, and increased self-assurance, I've grown to recognize that it's often a manipulative tactic used to gaslight individuals into doubting themselves. Although I'm no longer plagued by the same doubts, I can't help but empathize with my younger self, who struggled to differentiate between reality and distorted perceptions.

5. I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Intuitive

Whenever I've suspected that a guy was being deceitful or unfaithful to me, my intuition has always been spot on. Unfortunately, some of the men who have betrayed me attempted to invalidate my instincts by claiming that I was overly paranoid. Nevertheless, after experiencing this pattern repeatedly, I've come to accept that it's best to trust my gut feelings rather than relying on the assurances of someone who dismisses my concerns as baseless.

6. My Supposed Instability Is Used As A Distraction

It's frustrating how many times I've confronted a guy about his bad behavior only for him to deflect by questioning my mental health. While I wouldn't mind if a guy raised concerns about my anxiety or trust issues affecting our relationship, using it as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for his actions is unacceptable.

7. I'm Never The Only "Crazy" Woman In Their Lives

If a man only calls me "crazy," I might start to question myself, but that's never the case. They always seem to have a long list of "crazy" ex-girlfriends they've dated before. I used to believe them, but now I know that it's a red flag that they're the common denominator in all their failed relationships.

8. I'm Sure They Say Even Worse Things Behind My Back

I'm aware that when I break things off with guys who call me "crazy," they often spread stories about escaping from another unstable woman. If they have the audacity to say it to my face, I can only imagine what they're saying behind my back.

9. I Know These Guys Will Never Change

Instead of engaging in a pointless argument, I now choose to walk away from men who use the word "crazy" to deflect from their behavior. I recognize that I'm not the first or the last woman they'll do this to, so the best thing I can do is remove myself from the situation.

10. Just Because I Don't Believe Them Doesn't Mean I'm Not Annoyed

Although I understand that being called "crazy" is a strategy that men use to undermine women during arguments, it's still frustrating to deal with. It's akin to someone intentionally misspelling my name to annoy me, but in this situation, they're challenging my very identity. However, I'm no longer interested in tolerating it.