I'm The Girl Who's Always There For Everyone But No One Is Ever There For Me

I devote all my free time to taking care of others, neglecting my own needs in the process, which is not okay.

1. I Help Everybody With Their Problem

I am often referred to as an "Agony Aunt" by my friends and family, as they believe my advice-giving abilities are exceptional. They suggest that I should have pursued a career in psychology as a therapist instead of becoming a writer. While it is flattering to have a natural gift for helping others, I have learned that it can also come with its own set of challenges.


2. I'm A Good Listener

I am better at listening than speaking, which leads my loved ones to believe I have no problems or have nothing to say. However, this is not the case. Many times, I choose not to speak because I am not given the opportunity to do so.

3. I'm Happy To Help People Out

As a compassionate individual, I prioritize being kind and helping others, but I am realizing that my capacity for prioritizing others' happiness over my own is diminishing with age.


4. This Self-Sacrificing Thing Runs In My Family

Like me, my mother also prioritizes others over herself. She was always the one who took charge and organized everything when I was growing up. It may be a cliché, but not making oneself a priority is something that runs in my family. I often find myself putting the needs of others before my own, as there is always someone who needs my help more.


5. It's A Strength Thing

My loved ones admire my strength, but they sometimes forget that I am only human. I am not invincible and have my own problems, weaknesses and moments when I also need guidance. I believe they don't understand this, they only see my strength and assume I am always fine, but often, that's not the case.

6. I Face Many Issues Alone

I often pretend to be happy when I'm not, particularly when I know others have bigger problems. But it frustrates me because my mental health is just as vital as any other issue and should be treated as such.


7. It's Draining Being Everybody's Go-To For Guidance

I have reached a point where constantly being there for others has become exhausting. I feel drained by certain people's company and am tired of hiding my own problems to make others happy. With age comes wisdom, and I have come to understand that I don't have to prioritize others at the expense of my own well-being. My needs come first.


8. I No Longer Have An Obsessive Need To Please People

I used to have difficulty saying no to people and putting myself first, similar to the character Monica from Friends. I formed the habit of always trying to make others happy at the expense of my own happiness.

9. I'm Opening Up To My Loved Ones

I have decided to be more open with my loved ones about my feelings. I need to stop hiding my problems in order to assist them with theirs, and make our relationship more balanced instead of one-sided.


10. I'm Cutting Down The Time I Spend With Draining People

I am also reducing time with those who don't support me as much as I support them, or those who drain me, to focus on my own issues. If my friends truly care for me, they will understand when I withdraw for the sake of my mental well-being. If not, I am better off without them.