I'm Strong Enough To Stay Single & Wait For The Right Guy

I have gone through a lot of heartbreak and disappointment but now I don't care if I am single or not. I have decided to not settle for someone who is just okay, I am waiting for the perfect person and won't settle for anything less.

1. I've been to hell and back

I believe that my experiences with men have made me stronger, and that they have happened for a reason. I am meant to use this strength for a larger purpose and I will not let any opportunity pass me by.

2. The pain I've felt needs to be really worth it

I have been through difficult emotional experiences, but I have overcome them. I will not settle for a mediocre relationship, I am determined to find someone that I am truly passionate about and that I feel deeply for. I believe I deserve this kind of love and it is my destiny to find it.

3. I'm good on my own

I have been able to thrive on my own and I am in control of my own life. While it would be nice to have someone to share my journey with, I will not let just anyone into my story. I have the power to choose who I let into my life, and they will need to be exceptional to be a part of it.

4. I'm not desperate anymore

I no longer feel a sense of emptiness in my life without love. I am content being on my own and I don't feel the need for constant attention or affection from others. I have moved past the phase where I believed love was the only thing missing in my life. To me, love is now a welcome addition that will come in its own time, not something I am actively waiting for.

5. I make myself happy

I have learned that true happiness comes from within and not from having a partner. I have made the decision to take responsibility for my own happiness and to strive to be happy every day. This mindset will make me an ideal partner for the right person when they come along. Until then, I am content with being happy on my own.

6. I don't want "good enough"

I have learned that settling for someone who is just good enough is not an option for me. I am looking for someone who I can see myself growing old with and loving with all my heart for the rest of my days. I want a love that is lasting and not just a temporary memory. I don't want to settle for less than that.

7. I don't put up with BS, and I shouldn't have to

I have had enough of dealing with people who treat me poorly. I have set my boundaries and I will no longer tolerate being disrespected. I will not remain in a relationship or situation where I am not treated with the respect I deserve. If being with someone means sacrificing my self-worth, I would rather be alone than accept that kind of treatment.

8. I want the guy who stands out

I have had positive experiences with good men in the past and I believe they exist. I will not settle for someone who doesn't deserve me, and I know that I deserve the best. I am strong and intelligent and I know my own worth. I am confident in what I can offer in a relationship and the right person will bring out the best in me.

9. A boyfriend isn't my end game

To me, love is not just about having someone to spend time with. I am looking for a partner who I can share my life with, someone who will be my best friend and with whom I can share everything. I am not just looking for a boyfriend, I am looking for a true companion for life.

10. I've got time

I may be older than the typical age for getting married and may be behind compared to those around me, but that does not concern me. I am willing to wait for the right person, knowing that I am worthy just as I am. Age does not matter, what matters is finding the right person for me. I have the strength to survive and wait for the right person to come into my life.