I'm Starting To Think I'm Meant To Be Alone… And I'm Fine With That

I have a tendency towards solitude and while I appreciate solitude, I am concerned that it may become a constant in my life moving forward.

1. I prefer to do most activities by myself

I often prefer to engage in my favorite activities alone. From going to the movies, to dining, to visiting the beach or shopping, I find that I am able to fully immerse myself in the experience and enjoy it more without the need to entertain others. The only exceptions to this would be activities that involve conversation and physical intimacy.

2. Every guy I've dated has said he "just can't do this anymore"

I am starting to believe that perhaps I am not suited for dating and that this is just how my life will be. It could be that the men I date perceive my independent nature as a lack of need or desire for them, making them less attracted to me. I cannot fully explain it, but my relationships have not had a lasting impact. They tend to end with phrases such as "I can't be with someone like you" or "I just can't do this." It is not a coincidence that men do not want to date me. I believe it is simply a characteristic of my personality.

3. I already own a cat

I am the proud owner of a cat and I am deeply fond of her. I do not feel ashamed to be referred to as a "cat lady" which may be one reason why I believe that I am truly meant to be alone. This is not to say that all pet owners are fated to be single, but there may be some truth to the stereotype in my case.

4. It's always been hard for me to make friends

I have always struggled to form connections with others. As a child, my mild social anxiety made me incredibly shy and I was often bullied for my lack of communication. I often spent my recesses alone, sitting under a tree or drawing in the sand. Now, while I do have a few close friends, I spend most of my time alone and it seems that this will likely continue to be the case in the future.

5. It's incredibly easy for me to spend a week completely alone

I am able to go for extended periods of time without social interaction and not feel any sense of loneliness. It takes a significant amount of time for me to feel the need for social stimulation. I believe that as I age, my tolerance for solitude will only increase. Thus, I anticipate a future of prolonged solitude.

6. I prefer casual relationships to serious ones

I generally prefer casual relationships, and upon reflection, I realize that every time my relationships begin to become serious, they inevitably fail. This could be due to my tendency to become easily bored or perhaps it is because I value my independence so highly that I am willing to sacrifice the possibility of a long-term relationship in order to maintain my independent self-image.

7. I don't have the desire to get married

The mere thought of a wedding dress causes me to feel anxious. As a child, I never fantasized about my wedding day like my friends did. While they were sketching out their dream dresses, I was content playing in the mud. I have never given the idea of marriage much consideration - until recently. With society's constant pressure to conform, I find myself thinking about it more. It's possible that my lack of interest in marriage as a child was because I had always sensed that I would be going through it alone. And that's okay, isn't it?

8. I'm too good at reading people

I am able to quickly determine whether or not I want to pursue a long-term relationship with someone new. Due to my strong intuition in reading people, I often end relationships early or suggest that we keep things casual in order to avoid them becoming too serious. If it weren't for this "gift," I may not have realized that I am potentially destined for a solitary life.

9. I'm a special seed

Perhaps I am simply too unique and the only people with whom I can connect are also considered "weird." I have been frequently told that I am quite eccentric and that I may have come from another planet. I embrace my individuality and am proud of it. The number of people who are like me is relatively small and we seem to share a common belief that we are meant to be alone. Here's hoping that we will find each other.