I’m Slowly Learning Not To React To Everything Annoying Me

P.C Brunson in his wise quote said that you need to think once before acting, twice before speaking, and three times before posting something on Facebook. I often don’t live by this saying.

Many times, I allow myself to be drained by my emotions. When I get worried or upset about something, I let it consume my thoughts until a point of no return. I overthink the situation, underthink it, and contemplate backward and sideways about it.

When someone or something hurts or offends me, or puts me in a mental situation that I don’t like, I react to it as if someone flipped my attitude switch. After it happens, the rest of my day ends up becoming a sequence of bad thoughts and emotions.

The good feeling around me gets disrupted. Nothing can make me happy or give me peace in such situations. The worst part is that the more it happens, the more even the slightest things bothers me.

I don’t want to live like someone with active triggers on every part of my life anymore. I’m tired of being a woman who gets angry and mad at everything that gets under my skin. It’s draining my physical and mental health. It’s creating a bad vibe such that nobody wants to stay around me.

So far, I have learned that nothing that bothers me needs to cause a disruption in my daily life. It doesn’t warrant my reactions. It’s better to sit back and watch it until it passes.

When I let the negative reaction overrun my peace, it’s like giving situations, and other people power over me. I allow them to control me as they ruin my day.

Letting a situation or someone control my emotions is like allowing them to live inside my head rent-free. Just because they said something that hurt my feelings.

Reacting to every wrong action or word a person utters or posts will not make them do things right. It’ll only make me angry and depressed over things I can’t control.

Instead of yelling, complaining, or reacting to a situation that makes me upset, I’m learning to overcome and rise above them all. I’m embracing everything whether good or bad. Even if an incident annoys me, I accept it and then let it go. I ignore it as if it never happened.

Although people may start thinking that I’m a coward not to respond to every bad thing they say to me, it prevents me from unnecessary worries and mental pain. Some people may even think that I’m an easy-to-walk-over doormat or someone they can take advantage of. Being calm and silent when someone does wrong to you creates a brick wall in your heart that can’t be run over by adversity or struggles.

Reacting will drain your emotions, mind, and feelings. It’ll weigh you down, making it difficult for you to rise up again. It’ll surround your life with dullness and darkness.

Sometimes it’s wise to let things and people be, not to chase answers, not to fight closure or ask for explanations. It’s worth not focusing on things happening around you and work on your inner peace.