I'm Sapiosexual, Are You? 7 Signs You Get Turned On By Intelligence

I’m Sapiosexual, Are You? 7 Signs You Get Turned On By Intelligence

Stimulating conversations and sharp, witty jokes? Yes, please! Welcome to the world of sapiosexuals, where intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

If you're anything like me, you appreciate a good six-pack and a pair of deep blue eyes. But, what undoubtedly turns you on has nothing to do with looks.

Here are 7 basic signs you're sapiosexual:

There's No Love At First Sight

I believe in lust, but love at first sight? Too easy. How can you fall for someone based on their looks?


Falling in love takes time, that's what's so intriguing about love. Not to get too philosophical, but you can't say you love someone based on a few dates.

There's so much depth in the majority of humans, and the more layers you peel, the less likely you'll like what you see. But if you do, there's your love story.

Knowledge Is Empowering

When people think of sapiosexuals, they often connect us with geeks and bookworms. Well, yes, we love books, as well as documentaries, lectures, classes…


You feel the need to know everything, and you don't like to brag about it. It's your world, and if there's someone intelligent enough to challenge you with words, that's a big turn-on.

Banter Is Foreplay

Witty, amusing banter is the mightiest bedroom experience, after sex.

Yes, there are many great things you can do and say. But sapiosexuals are aroused by intelligence. It's natural and spontaneous, and it takes one to know one to turn talking into a foreplay undividedly.


To Heck With Small Talks

If a person is only capable of small talk, that's equivalent to going on a date in Crocks.

Small talks are uncomfortable because, as soon as you realize a person can't hold up a deep conversation, you need the perfect escape.

Either carry conversations forward or keep walking.

Take Your Time

Most dates are frustrating, and the chances of giving someone a second date are slim.


People talk, but it's like they are saying what they think you want to hear. That's great, but have some opinions, tickle my brain!

Sapiosexuals won't lay all their cards on the table during that awkward first date. We will judge you, challenge you, and try to get you to think deeper.

Debating Is Awesome

If someone dares to challenge you to a debate, they are instantly more attractive. The idea of expanding your mind and knowledge is hot, and it can lead to a beautiful friendship. Or more.


When you're debating, you aren't just stating facts or opinions. It's more than that: you need to know to listen, accept that you can't be right about everything, and have a level of emotional intelligence.

Sapiosexuals love all forms of intelligence, so EQ is a must-have. When partners can tune in their feelings and self-awareness into a conversation, while being rational, that's a recipe for a healthy relationship.


Their, They're, There

Bad grammar and inadequate vocabulary will make young Brad Pitt look like a used baby diaper.

It doesn't matter if you have formal education or not. Sapiosexuals aren't shallow, so they don't think their partners are prizes. But when you don't pay attention to basic grammar, it's a sign of laziness.

Sapiosexuals are picky, but let's remember that we live in a world where people won't date individuals based on their hair color. We love looking at a beautiful face, as an art piece. But to get to Sapiosexual's heart, you have to turn on your gray cells.