I'm Over My Ex, So Why Am I Jealous Of His New Relationship?

Even though ending the relationship was the right choice and you have moved on, it can be hurtful to learn that your ex has found a new partner. This may cause feelings of jealousy, but it's important to remember that these feelings are normal and they will eventually fade. Understanding why these feelings arise can help in coping with them.

1. You're Wondering If He's Treating His New Partner Better Than He Treated You

It can be difficult not to compare your current relationship with your past one, especially when your ex is with someone new. It's natural to wonder if he's treating his new partner better or if he's changed in some way. But it's important to remember that every relationship is unique and that it's not productive to compare yourself to his new partner. It's also possible that he may have learned from his past mistakes and is applying that to his current relationship. Instead of focusing on what he's doing now, focus on being the best partner you can be in your current relationship.


2. You Get A Little Nostalgic

Nostalgia can make the past seem rosier than it actually was, and seeing your ex in a new relationship can evoke false emotions about your past relationship with them. It may not be that you still have feelings for your ex, but seeing them in a new relationship can make you reminisce about your history with them.

3. Even If The Relationship Was Over A Long Time Ago, It May Feel More Official When Your Ex Couples Up With Someone New

When your ex starts dating someone new, it can be difficult to shake off feelings of jealousy and hurt, even if you have moved on. Seeing them with someone else may reopen old wounds and bring back memories of the pain you felt when you first broke up.


4. You Question How He Could Be Into Someone So Different From You

It's natural to compare ourselves to others, especially when it comes to our ex's new partner. But it's important to remember that everyone is unique and has different qualities that make them attractive to others. It's also important to remember that your ex's new relationship doesn't define you or your worth. You are amazing just as you are and you deserve to be with someone who sees and appreciates that.


5. You Feel Weirded Out And Confused Because His New Girlfriend Seems A Lot Like You

It can be unsettling when an ex starts a relationship with someone who closely resembles you, whether it be in physical appearance or shared interests. It can feel as though they were actively seeking a replacement similar to yourself.

6. You Wonder What He's Changed About Himself To Be In A New Relationship

It's important to remember that the reality of a relationship can only be known by the individuals involved, and judging the strength of a relationship based on what others say or what is seen on social media may not be accurate. If he struggled in your relationship, it may be frustrating to see him appear to be better in a relationship with someone else. However, it's important to remember that this may not be the case.


7. You Can't Stop Comparing Yourself To His New Partner

Social media makes it easy to find out a lot of information about people online. You may not have met the girl, but you know her college, what she drinks when she's out at the bar, her interests in yoga and more. Even though you're over your ex and moved on, you may find yourself comparing yourself with his new girlfriend and wonder if he's upgraded. Comparing yourself constantly can make you feel jealous, even when you don't want your ex back.


8. It's Silly, But It's Human Nature To Want What We Can't Have

You may have moved on from your past relationship, but seeing your ex in a new one can bring up feelings of jealousy and hurt. This is especially true if you were the one who ended the relationship or if it was a mutual decision. The idea of someone else wanting and having your ex can trigger feelings of possessiveness, even though you no longer want to be with them.


9. It Can Be Difficult To Detach From People, Even Those Who We Don't Like Anymore Or Who Aren't Safe To Be Around

It's normal to feel a range of emotions when an ex-partner starts a new relationship, especially if you still have feelings of attachment towards them. Seeing them with someone else can evoke feelings of jealousy, even if you have moved on and don't want to be in a relationship with them anymore. It's important to remember that your ex's new partner is not a reflection of your worth or qualities and you should focus on your own healing and growth.