I'm Not Single; I'm Self-Partnered!

I’m Not Single; I’m Self-partnered!

Single doesn't have to mean you're available. It's a decision you make once you realize that you're doing better on your own. You are your best partner, and if it's selfish, so be it!

A generation of women grew up watching "Sex and The City," dreaming of finding Mr. Big or Aiden. The thrill of the chase consumed us, but once we stopped, we realized that we were chasing what was already with us.

Being self-partnered doesn't mean that you gave up on relationships or that you're getting over someone. There's no hidden agenda; there's no green light. You are focused on yourself, and it's liberating.

It's easy for you to accept that you're enough. It's hard to explain that to the rest of the world. Single but not looking people will most likely say they are seeing someone. Society still isn't ready to accept that we can be happy with our achievements. There's no void.

Single yet self-partnered doesn't mean that you won't get dressed up and go out on Friday night. You are a social, vital being, and you adore your friends.

It's not a trend: many successful, mostly women, have been in relationships with themselves since forever. The only thing we know now is that there's no need to hide it from the loved ones. Additionally, there's a label, which Emma Watson made fashionable.

A single woman doesn't want a free drink, a romantic dinner, or a one-night stand. It's not that men are becoming obsolete. We can still be friends, but if you think you can turn a self-partnered woman into something more, you're wasting your time.

Staying sexy, friendly, and flirty are personality treats. Just because you're not available for dating, these parts of your personality won't disappear.

Living a single yet not available life is a conscious choice. There's no war on people in relationships or singles who want to be part of a couple. The only thing that makes no sense is the simple fact that people aren't as understating.

Standing on your own, working, hanging out with your family and friends, and traveling is plenty enough for some. You get to the point that you don't need a romantic partner. That's when you have all the time in the world to grow.

Being single can be awesome. But being on your own, not available, can be just what you always needed. You're whole just as you are because your other half was eternally and only you!