I’m Not A Quitter, But Once I Quit, You Lose Me Forever

Life coaches will always tell you that love is a beautiful thing. Well, truth to be told, it’s sweet. But, the soft part can only be tasted when you find your perfect match or in other words, the significant other. Finding Mr. or Miss Right isn’t always an easy task. As many platforms always insist, you should allow the love to flow naturally. That is to say, don’t go scrutinizing every partner you come across. You may end up single for the rest of your life because you can never find that one partner who has every character you admire.

Personally, my love life is much of a mystery. To begin with, I’m an open book. Over and over again, I find myself getting attached to people sooner than expected. I am always confronted by my close friends who claim that I’m soft-hearted. Well, it’s good to have a soft heart. But, when it comes to relationships, if not careful, the soft nature can land one in a huge mess.

Do you believe in true love? Well, that’s one of the questions I always get people asking. I believe in the existence of true love. I’m the kind of person that takes love seriously. That is, I tend to think that I’m doctor love and can make any love work out. I’m the type that fights to the last blow trying to keep the romance alive.

All love lives have their ups and downs. As life coaches will always tell you, it’s the downs mostly that keep the relationship stronger than ever. However, it’s said that when the down moments become unbearable, one should press the quit button. But, for me, quitting isn’t my thing. You can call me the stubborn type. I always find it difficult to part ways with people, especially ones that I love intimately.

It’s advisable to keep away from relationships that don’t seem to lead anywhere. Unfortunately, I don’t quit before giving it a second shot if not the third. More often than not, I find myself analyzing the situation at hand from various angles. I like viewing the case from my partner’s view before proceeding with the decision. Such actions help me understand the reason behind my partner’s choices or activities, and which are accelerating the breakup.

Not only do I give my partners second chances, but I go ahead to even the sixth chances. I believe in giving my partner the maximum tolerance. However, after all that sacrifice, what do I get in return? I find myself hurt a lot, and that’s if the love doesn’t work out. The crazy thing is that when I decide it’s time to quit, I never look back. I’m the type of person that when I close the case, it’s done.

When I decide to walk away, never try to convince me otherwise. I’m already fed up and can’t stay any longer. Even if you try to solve things from your end, my love for you can never be ignited. I find myself thinking that I had given you more than you could ever ask. But, instead, you ought to betray me by treating me the way you did, and it’s unforgivable.