I'm Not A Person Who Gives Up Easily, But If I Decide To Walk Away I'm Gone For Good

I'm Not A Person Who Gives Up Easily, But If I Decide To Walk Away I'm Gone For Good

I am very passionate about all of my relationships. I am not afraid of putting in the work, because I am a lover and a giver. I will go over and beyond what may be expected of me in a relationship.

Because I become so invested in my relationships, I will always do my best to fix what needs fixing. I know all too well that ups and downs are a healthy part of every relationship.

It's not in my nature to jump ship and run when things aren't going so great. I will always be the one picking up all the little pieces and trying to make things better. I will fight to make things better.

With that said, if and when I do decide to finally walk away, then that's it for me. I will give all there is to give and try to fix what I can, but if the situation calls for it, I am not afraid of letting go and simply walking away, never to return.

You left me with no choice

I give too many chances to the ones I care deeply for. If I choose to walk away, it must be because you have done something so heinous that I cannot forgive you, and the situation has become too big of a mess— it simply cannot be fixed anymore. I'm very generous with my second chances, but some things just push me to a point where I am left with no choice but to walk away.

I deserve better

I deserve to get back as much as I give out. I cannot pour out from an empty cup, and walking away may very well be the best favor I will ever do for myself.

If all you do is cause me so much stress and pain, then I will walk away. My love is genuine, tender, pure, and passionate. I deserve to get back the same, and more. Sometimes we all need to be a little selfish and choose ourselves. When I walk away, rest assured it will be because I choose to selfishly love myself for once because I realize my worth.

I will not be back

Once I walk away, consider me gone for good. It will be a tough decision to come to, so rest assured that I will only act after giving everything some serious thought. My leaving will not be some game to try and shift the power dynamics in our relationship. I don't play games, and once I have made up my mind to leave, that will surely be the end of that.

You are going to miss me when I'm gone. Then again, you should have done better to keep me around, because once I walk out that door, there will be no turning back for me. I don't give up easily, much less when it's on someone I love, but if it ever comes down to it, I will walk away and never look back.