I'm Looking For My Soulmate, Not Just Someone Decent

While some individuals may not place importance on understanding their partner's motives for being with them, it is paramount for me to ensure that my romantic partner is genuinely interested in me. Being the person whom my partner settled for is something I want to avoid at all costs. Therefore, I refuse to engage in a relationship where the person is only seeking companionship to alleviate their loneliness. My ultimate goal is to find my soulmate.

1. I refuse to just be a warm body

I am not interested in having hookup buddies, friends with benefits, or keeping things casual. Instead, I desire a genuine emotional connection with the person lying next to me in bed, rather than just being used for sex. If your interest in me is solely based on my physical appearance, please stay away from my life.

2. I should feel special

I desire to be more than just a girl randomly selected from a group. Being in love should enhance my self-esteem, and I crave a man who perceives me in a unique way, unlike anyone else. I long to experience not only feeling attractive or sexy but also truly beautiful. If I choose to be with you, I must be assured that you recognize me as a rare and exceptional woman.

3. You should feel lucky to have me

I aspire to feel incredibly fortunate to have discovered my dream man, and I hope he feels the same way about me. If our love doesn't seem like a blessing, then perhaps it's insufficient. The hassles of playing dating games should intensify your appreciation for having a high-quality partner, and if it doesn't, we're better off finding someone else.

4. I don't want to be your cure for loneliness

I'm not the answer to your unhappy single life. Being tired of being alone isn't a good enough reason for you to be my partner. If you don't have genuine emotions for me, please let me go find someone who does. I'm not here to alleviate anyone's loneliness; if you're not with me out of love, it's better not to be with me at all.

5. I can't make you happy

No woman can make you happy. It's something you have to discover for yourself. Happiness doesn't come from relationships, friends, or wealth; it comes from within. If you're unable to find joy on your own, being in a relationship won't alter that. I want you to be contented before we start dating so that I'm certain you're not merely using me to fill a gap in your life.

6. I'm a catch

I possess a healthy level of self-esteem, which I believe every woman should have. I am aware of my own worth and seek a partner who can also appreciate it. If you are unable to recognize my unique qualities, I would rather seek a companion who can fully acknowledge and value me.

7. I deserve real love

I refuse to compromise on what I deserve. If you are not completely content with our relationship, I ask that you do not stay and coerce me into a loveless partnership. I desire to experience genuine love, and if you cannot offer that to me, please allow me to remain single.

8. I don't want to be the girl any man settles for

I aspire to be your dream partner, not merely a settling option until someone better arrives. If I am not the person you have been seeking, please release me. While it may be painful, ultimately, it will benefit both of us. It's crucial that you wait for authentic love, and if you are unable to find it with me, you are depriving yourself of genuine happiness.

9. I want to make you happy, not just content

A relationship with me should not just be "okay"; it should be exceptional. I strive to bring immense happiness to my partner's life. If I am unable to accomplish this for you, then we have not yet found the right match for what we both seek.

10. I'd never settle for you

I am with you because I have chosen you above all others on this planet. I value my love life significantly, and therefore, I am not willing to settle for just anyone. I am devoted to you and desire to share my affections only with you. In return, I hope that you also carefully choose to be with me.