I'm Letting Go Of Everyone Who Holds Me Back

I’m Letting Go Of Everyone Who Holds Me Back

Life is quite an exciting gift. One of the essentials of life is that growth defines it. More so than not this growth is accompanied either by physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual change and even very rare of cases all four. The sad thing about growth is that it will often receive a mixed response. There are those who will be glad that you have changed, and there those who will detest your change.


Even when the change you have gone through has been positive, it is important to know that some may dislike it. This is mainly due to a number of reasons ranging from envy or even failure to mature by the other person. No matter the reason, it is key to understand that we all are human. You can never satisfy everyone's expectations in life. Remember you have got a life to live for yourself, you cannot be there for everybody.

Recently I've begun to realize that not all people are here to stay in our lives. No matter the journey we have traveled together with them, even going back to our childhood. If we change for the better and people don't like it, it is time to let them go. They are the negativity in our life, don't let them drain your livelihood out of you.


When we reach the point when we make the decision to let go of someone, we often drown in worry. Worry that it took too long to build what we had with that person. Worry that if we let go, we will not meet someone LIKE that person. This fear of losing someone should not hold you back. Life is beautiful and full of surprises. There are people out there with bigger hearts, and people who will love the person you are becoming. Remember that before you make someone happier than you. Be satisfied with yourself. Don't let others be in your way of happiness. If change means you are happier and better, and they don't want to accept that, it's time to leave! Sometimes holding on hurts much more than letting go.


When you let go it doesn't mean that we stop talking to those people, because part of these people is like family members. When you let go you stop struggling to be someone else just so that they like you. Not only is this tedious but also makes us unhappy in life. Just say hi and don't struggle to socialize with them because those that are true to us, we don't always struggle to find the right words to say; The words will flow. This does not mean you have to be rude. Courtesy always goes a long way in life. Remember this.


People often joke and say "there is no one else but me, myself, and I." This joke to me is the key to finding yourself. Ensure that you are one, at peace with yourself and that you are not broken. Put yourself always first, take care of everything you have especially your sanity, freedom, and your personal space. This is what matters.

Remember that life is always a journey, we have to travel to find ourselves. A necessary part of this journey is that we must make tough decisions; which include who you are going to the next stage of life with. Don't fight the change in you because someone says it's not good. Just let it go, and be free.

I am always on a journey discovering myself over and over. Don't be afraid to rediscover yourself.