I'm Independent And Self-Sufficient, But I Secretly Want A Guy To Take Care Of Me

I’m Independent And Self-sufficient, But I Secretly Want A Guy To Take Care Of Me

I honestly believe Ne-Yo had me in his mind when he sang 'Miss Independent.' But while I am a take-charge kind of girl when it comes to career and social life, I also need a man's tender love and care. Sounds ironic? I don't think so. For instance:

1. I'd Like His Compliments, Even When I Know I Look Good

Sometimes you just know that you look amazing. But every woman gets insecure from time to time, telling me how pretty I am really improves my spirits and makes me feel loved and appreciated.

2. I'd Like It If He Carried Bags For Me, Regardless Of How Light They Are


Obviously, a strong woman who does not believe in stereotypical gender roles and can handle her grocery bags on her own. However, when my man insists on carrying them for me, I will be deeply appreciative.

3. I'd Prefer It If He Fixed Things For Me, Even If I Can Do It Myself

Yes, I can put together an IKEA table if I really wanted to... but I don't want to. I want my strong loving boyfriend to do it for me.

4. I'd Like Him To Prepare Me A Meal


Cooking a meal for someone is one of the most loving things you can do. So a man who can cook for me will have shown his love and affection to me in ways I cannot explain.

5. I Want Him To Baby Me A Little

It's tedious being boss all day. Sometimes I want to lay off this persona after coming home and feel small in his arms. I want the reassurance that after a long and busy day, I am his baby.

6. He Should Be Comforting During My Breakdowns, As They Are Rare


I am strong, determined, and hardworking. But I cannot keep it up forever. When I am down, I need my man to calm me down and letting me know that everything will be fine.

7. He Should Let Me Be Submissive Because I Dominate In Other Areas

All day, every day, I am out there making things happen. By the time I get home, I am exhausted and I am done being boss. He should be okay taking charge, especially in bedroom matters.

8. I Want Him To Open Car Doors For Me


Maybe chivalry is dying, and sure, I can open car doors for myself and pull out my own damn chair. But I feel love when a man does these small things for me. But he has to want to do these things, not because he thinks I'm unable to do so myself.

9. I Want Him To Always Stand Up For Me

Sure, I will get in crazy fights and I will sometimes be the one in the wrong. And yes, I can stand up for myself, but it is amazing knowing that he will stand up for me no matter what. It is nice knowing that my boyfriend will never let anyone disrespect me.

10. I Have My Money, But I Like When He Insists On Paying

Don't get me wrong, I take a lot of pride in my well-paying job, and I even like treating my guy. But still, I like knowing that my boyfriend will always want to pay for dinner because he doesn't like me paying.