I'm Happy With My Life And You're Still The Same Piece Of Shit

I'm Happy With My Life And You're Still The Same Piece Of Shit

The other night I saw you leaning on the bar. Still wearing that dark blue suit which I used to adore. With the same white shirt that exposed your masculine contours. With that beautiful hair I used to play with.

That hair I used to pull softly with my fingers when we were making love. I can see you're still hunting for another girl at the bar while drinking your usual whiskey.

I know what kind of a person you are. I know you'll hit on her, make her feel special and wanted, then dump her the same night. You'll make her feel worthless after you sleep with her.

She'll feel crashed in her heart when she sees you the following day chasing other women. And breaking their hearts one after the other.

She'll look at you thinking how you cherished her that night. She'll remember every second she spent with you like it was yesterday. But when she remembers the way you broke her heart, she'll regret having met you.

You're still the same handsome man. You're still self-centered and selfish that you don't care about the people who cherish and crave for you. You ignore their presence and emotions by treating them like they don't exist.

I remember how you started pushing me away. Ruining every piece of my feelings. You destroyed my dreams, my freedom, and my love.

You boasted of having the power to control me because you knew I loved you. But now, you're still lonely with no one to cherish you. You're still searching for a partner who'll make you whole, but you'll never find her.

You're a liar. You make promises you can't keep. You promised me unconditional love, attention, and respect, but you only caused me pain, sadness, and sorrows.

You promised me loyalty, honesty, and commitment, but you're still pursuing other women. Searching for the next girl to cheat with.

You'll make her commit to you and dream of her future with you. But you're looking for escape routes to leave her. I can believe I trusted you, and I shouldn't have given you my heart. But I learned the lesson.

You're an ungrateful bastard. I wish you knew how lucky you were when you had me. I was ready to love you, make you my priority and my world. My perfect choice.

A woman who was ready to love you unconditionally even more than herself. But for you, I wasn't good enough. I gave you everything, but you never appreciated my love.

You're a piece of shit. You're not a real man, but a past mistake. You play with people's feelings, hearts, and emotions the way you want. Every day you break one woman's heart, and the next day you cheat on another.

It's your way of life. I remember the way you said to me that you'd never settle down for one girl. That I'm not your perfect girl.

How was I to know that you didn't want me after you made me feel wanted? That you weren't ready to commit to me?

You made me feel special. You kissed me with your tender lips and promised me sweet promises. How was I to discern that you were just lying? That you can't settle for one woman?

But I found happiness in my own skin. I love myself more than I thought I could. When I look at myself in the mirror, I don't see a broken person but passion and joy in my smiles. I only see a beautiful and amazing girl who's ready to live, love, and laugh again.

I'm so happy with my life. But I can see you're the same piece of shit.