I'm Convinced Many People Have No Idea What True Love Is

I’m Convinced Many People Have No Idea What True Love Is

What do you say true love is? I ask because I've realized many people swear they understand true love, and I'm not buying it.

True Love Is Not What Many People Assume It Is

For instance, if you think true love is about social media posts about couple goals, going on fancy dates, and watching movies together, then I'm afraid you have its meaning all wrong.

With true love, your partner's burden weighs on you as much as it weighs on them, if not more.

If they can't sleep because they are sick, you can't sleep either. When they can't sleep because they are so excited about an important personal achievement, then neither can you.

When There Is True Love, You Are Your Partner's Greatest Fan And Toughest Critic

True love goes deep. It's spiritual.

You can feel your partner's presence even when they are miles away. They occupy your waking thoughts and also your dreams after you sleep.

With true love, a time doesn't come when you feel like calling it quits.

You don't look for an exit when things get hard. Instead, you dig in your heels more firmly and assure them you will stick it out no matter what.

Yes, happy moments make love worthwhile. But then again, they exist in all relationships, even with fake love. But with true love, the tough times don't put a strain on your relationship, they strengthen it in a whole different way.

True love endures, it does not see other options besides holding on and trying to make things work out for the best.

You Always Hope For The Best When The Love You Feel Is True

It does not matter if you are fighting for your lives and the bruising battle has drained all your strength.

You rest and keep fighting to the bitter end.

True love has limitless patience. If you feel like giving up and actually do, then what you felt is something else than true love.

When you truly love, nothing else matters more than the connection you share. You see yourself as two souls destined to remain together forever.

Even if the storms of life separate you physically and leave you without hope, your heart will still beat for the one you love because with true love, you always have a shoulder to cry on, and a person who understands your pain more than you do.

True love is not the fancy things people like to put on display for the world to see. It's much deeper.

Anyone Can Have A Good Time And Seem Happy, Even Without Love

It is the really tough times that reveal if true love exists or not.

When what you have is true love, you don't worry about anything breaking the bond you share. True love always gives you hope and assurance in this often tough journey through life. You will have someone to walk beside you that shares your joys and pains.

When the love is genuine, it endures, uplifts, and heals. And yes, the good times are orders of magnitude better; far beyond compare in the level of satisfaction and joy they bring into your lives.