I'm An Old Soul, These Are 7 Most Common Problems I've Experienced

I’m An Old Soul, These Are 7 Most Common Problems I’ve Experienced

Being an Old Soul makes you more attractive to the outside world; people tend to look at you as if you were a unicorn. You are facing challenges that not many can understand. Here's what you need to know to partly realize what we, the Old Souls, have to deal with.

Old Souls present odd signs of maturity at tender ages. We face an existential crisis before learning to spell the words. Old Souls get lost in times, spaces, books, and search for the universal truth. This creates more problems, but at least we know we made them.

It's not easy feeling different all the time, believing you don't belong. At the same time, you, as an Old Soul, take pride in your knowledge of history, vintage fashion, and you seem to figure things out faster than adults.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
– Satchel Paige

Being a loner comes with problems not many can identify with. Maybe this will give you input into the Old Soul's struggles, and you'll see we are just like the rest of you. Only different.

I don't belong anywhere

Just like anyone who observes the world in their unique way, Old Souls can feel a great sense of isolation. This issue reflects in every aspect, from career paths to relationships.

Childhood was a beautiful nightmare

If your child would instead read than play with other children, please show your support. Old Souls feed on knowledge, so don't let your child starve.
Once you get to your teens, you already know more than an average adult. Your empathy and that strange energy you carry around are making you wiser by the minute. But no one takes you seriously. You are simply a rebellious teen.

People want to figure you out

It's true: people find you weird and likable. But at the same time, you're intimidating, since no one gets fully understands whether you're an alien or a reincarnation. Either way, you can't just be a human, and that creates extra pressure.

People tend to tell you their problems and expect you to solve them. And since you say it like it is, it gets more complicated. So, the best thing to do is to accept that you're a loner.

I want to belong

Just like the rest of humanity, old souls need a shelter, a place of freedom and liberation. But, if that means you have to pretend to care about useless hot topics, an Old Soul will wisely stay on their own.

Most of the Old Souls find that particular place, eventually. For me, it's in music and writing. If you are lucky, you'll find others who share your views. If not, there is so much to explore and see in this world.

The world's in chaos

Do you feel like it's your responsibility to fix the planet? No? Well, that's just me then. When you start recycling at the age of two, you know you are made to be the voice of change. And that's another burden on my old shoulders.

I am not trying to be different

The biggest problem for any Old Soul is the realization that people think you wanted to be someone else. Accept it: not everyone's excited about the prom, or a big white wedding.

Is there something wrong with me?

Once you start finding similar people and learn to navigate your creativity, you will be proud that you stayed loyal to your true self. Until you get to that point, you'll feel like there's something wrong.

Being an Old Soul is never dull. My mind has to be busy, and that's something I've learned to live with. There are moments where I wish I were like everyone else. Then I remember that people who learned to accept and love me are here for a reason.