I'm A Hot Teacher - I Have No Problem Sleeping With My Students' Dads


The gorgeous teacher keeps shocking her social media followers with raunchy videos on TikTok.

The art teacher regularly shows what she is wearing while at school, and the outfits are anything but modest.

The clips show her acting out different scenarios in the classroom, wearing low-cut tops matched with tight skirts and high heels. Her daring content has sent many hearts racing.

In a video captioned, she also reveals some interesting facts about her private life: "When a student gets too comfortable by talking to you like a friend just because you're meeting his father privately".

In another video, she can be seen sporting her classroom outfits of the week and the clothes seem to become more and more daring.

"It's just what I wear as a teacher," she joked.

She enjoys provoking her followers and playing out seductive scenarios. In of them, the stunning teacher is bending over to pick up a pen.

"When I'm late for the parent-teacher meeting, and the dad is already staring at me," she captioned the cheeky clip.

Many men have flocked to the comment section, praising the teacher for being irresistible. However, other Internet users who have seen her videos have not been as impressed.

They claim her outfits and behaviors are inappropriate, considering that her students can find her on social media.

"You are going to get fired," an irritated viewer commented.

"Shame on you, it's not a dating app," another wrote after finding a video where the teacher claimed her hot work clothes are the same outfits she wears in her free time.

Maddy goes against the trend as many teachers try to keep their personal lives private and separate from their teaching profession.

However, she is not the only one.

Other hot teachers have revealed that she is considered going from "a five to a ten" when she changes from her modest work clothes into something more casual.

Another one shared she gets many romantical offers when she reveals she is a "hot geography teacher".