"I'm A 35-year-old Virgin, And I Won't Have Sex Before Marriage, The 9 Men I've Dated So Far Have Been Jerks About It"

"I'm A 35-year-old Virgin, And I Won't Have Sex Before Marriage, The 9 Men I've Dated So Far Have Been Jerks About It"

Sonali Chandra is proud that she kept her virginity despite being 35. She is saving herself for marriage, which might feel outdated to you, but it is her choice.

Sonali will not break her moral code for anyone until she finds a man worth marrying.

Most virgins today would not admit to it, but Chandra is proud of her purity. Talking to Insider, she stated:

"I'm 35 and hold my V-card with pride."


Sonali is a woman with strong opinions, so when her father offered to find her a suitable Indian man, she refused. This lady does not want an arranged marriage:


"I didn't trust my dad to pick out a husband for me," said Sonali. "He'd want someone just like himself. My parents' marriage — which was arranged in India — was challenging."

Sonali does things her way and stays out of sex talk when she's out with her friends.

So, if Sonali if against one tradition, why is she so strongly opinionated when it comes to premarital sex?

The 35-year-old said that she always hated "the idea of instant gratification."


She explained how dating in NYC made her stay a virgin:

"It was a culture shock to date in Manhattan, where I worked on Wall Street in my mid-to-late 20s. Guys would develop an attraction for me, but I'd realize that all they wanted was to take me to bed. If they were going to use me for sex and vanish the next morning, I'd have been mortified."

Sonali is also afraid of ghosting.


She was tempted as she told a story about a man she liked a few years back:

"One night, we were having a drink in a hotel bar, and he wanted to rent a room. I told him that it would be my first time. He said, 'You deserve someone who will always be there for you, but I can't be there for you.' He didn't return my phone calls or texts after that. It strengthened my theory that I couldn't have sex with a guy who could ghost me."


She was in nine relationships, and men showed no mercy instead of respecting Sonali's solid morals. She said:

"I've dated nine guys in my life. Each has turned out to be a jerk. They asked me out based on my appearance, but after I told them about my high standards and morals, they disappeared."

Sex before marriage is a choice. Not many people wait, which is fine, but a study found that virgins rated sexual quality 15% higher than those who had premarital sex.


Also, they rated relationship stability as 22% higher.

Whether you want to have sex, get married, enjoy threesomes, or have kids, that is your choice. Do not let others influence you because they do not have to live with the consequences.