I'm A 330-pound Model In Love With A Skinny Man — Size Doesn't Matter

At 6 feet 0 inches and 330 pounds, nothing is small with glamorous plus-size model Alex Aspasia. She recently went public with her new relationship in a short video uploaded on TikTok.

Followers might be surprised because he is quite a lean guy. However, the loved-up influencer is telling everyone that size should not be an objective in the search for a soulmate.

The curvy model shared the clip on Wednesday. She could be seen sitting close to her new boyfriend on a couch. The couple lovingly looked at each other before sharing a kiss.

"Don't let your size stop you from finding someone special," Aspasia captured the video that has amassed more than 700k views so far.

The couple seemed to be ready for Halloween. Aspasia was sporting a Jessica Rabbit costume consisting of a sultry red dress and purple gloves.

Her partner was dressed as Roger Rabit in a white shirt and bunny ears on his head.

TikTok users immediately flocked to the comment section to congratulate the couple.

"Love how happy they both are! Confidence and beauty wrapped up tight into one gorgeous couple," one fan wrote.

"Goddess. Wow, lucky man!" an admirer pointed out.

One commenter shared her struggle with finding a man due to being a different size.

"Size is stopping me [from finding a partner]. I don't have anybody," the distressed woman wrote.

"You will find someone," Aspasia encouraged her, adding: "It definitely takes time though."

We do not know who her boyfriend is yet, or how and when they met.

On Friday the model shared a short video revealing that not all comments had been encouraging. She had received hateful messages from trolls regarding her new relationship.

"Why y'all so mad?" she wrote in the caption. The video made it clear she was not letting the trolls get to her but laughing them off instead.

Being a tall and juicy woman with a lean boyfriend can surely raise eyebrows. Luckily, Aspasia has not been late pointing out some advantages.

In a video recently posted she can be seen sitting on an airplane next to her partner.

"Hope he does not mind I'm taking up 75% of his seat," she wrote over the video.

The followers agreed that he did not seem to mind with one fan pointing out that this is the reason why big girls need skinny men.