I’ll Never Let My Boyfriend See Me Do These Things No Matter What

To be honest, I feel very comfortable around my boyfriend. We are pretty open and we hardly keep anything from each other. But I still have some boundaries. So, here are things he will never see me doing. I don’t care how comfortable we are around each other.

1. That I Write These Articles

This should be obvious – I sometimes write about him, like I am doing now. I am pretty sure he would have concerns about me sharing details about our relationship with you all. It makes sense, right?

2. Peeing In The Shower

Yes, I do it. And I’m pretty sure many people do as well, even though they might not admit it. And I am given to understand that it is a healthy habit, but it sounds gross, so I would never do it in front of him. I am willing to bet that he does it as well but would never admit to it.

3. Picking My Dirty Nails

I am a sucker for gel nails, and I have had them for as long as I can remember. But long nails get dirty easily, and although I clean them regularly, I would never want to have my boyfriend watch me do it. I think he would find it disgusting.

4. Having Dogs Lick My Face

I know for a fact that my boyfriend would hate it if dogs licked my face. As much as I love dogs and don’t mind them being all over me, my boyfriend does not feel the same way towards these adorable furry creatures. The last thing I would want is to gross him out, which is why having dogs lick my face in his presence is a no-no for me.

5. Looking At My Business

I think we all do it. After all, it’s part of us and we like to know how things are going. But I won’t be caught dead with my legs up in the air using a mirror to see what is going on down there.

6. Watching Messed Up Documentaries I Love

I don’t know why, but I like watching messed up stuff on the web. This could be anything from monster parents who lock up their kids in cages to anything else that fascinates me. If my boyfriend found me watching that stuff, I think he would have questions I could not answer because I don’t really know why I watch it.

7. Taking A Number 2

I totally understand that some couples will leave the door open when in the toilet. As far as peeing goes, it makes sense. But I think it would kill the mystery in our relationship if he saw me taking a dump, which is why my number twos are much faster around him, to keep him from understanding what’s going on.

8. Changing My Tampon

Even though I understand that changing a tampon is a normal part of life, I don’t imagine doing it in front of my boyfriend. Sure, I have had friends describe in excruciating detail how they change tampons in front of their boyfriends, but that is way beyond my comfort zone.

9. How I Eat When He Is Not Around

I’m really classy when eating around my boyfriend, chopping my food into bite-sized pieces, using a fork, a knife and all. But when I am alone, eating is a whole different affair. I am not ashamed to admit, at least away from him, that I devour my food. I guess that my boyfriend would be dumbfounded to see me ferociously chewing on a piece of chicken. I would never want him to see that.