I'll Never Fit In - 7 Contradicting Traits Of The INFJ Personality Type That Make It Hard To Understand

I’ll Never Fit In – 7 Contradicting Traits Of The Infj Personality Type That Make It Hard To Understand

All of us are full of contradictions – it's what makes us human. However, the INFJ personality type is particularly full of conflicting traits.

The INFJ personality type comes from the Myer-Briggs personality test. This test was developed by psychologists and is now used in many workplaces for staff training and development.

INFJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. People with this personality type are insightful, and seek meaning and connection with the world and others.


This personality type is complex and full of contradiction. Let's take a look at the dualistic tendencies that make up an INFJ:

1. They're Grounded And Abstract

People with INFJ personalities are often grounded and rational. However, they also enjoy philosophizing and imagining totally different ways to be.

This means, INFJs expect a certain amount of logic and reason, but also enjoy fantasizing. They enjoy conversations that can go in any direction but approach them with their usual rational viewpoint.


These characteristics lead to well-rounded and wise INFJs. Sometimes, this effect can seem almost alien. INFJs are detail-oriented, but also creative and full of imagination.

2. They Defend Others, But Not Themselves

INFJs often have an inbuilt sense of justice. If something isn't fair, it really doesn't sit well with their rational way of thinking.


Because of this, INFJs are caring and attentive to others, and will always support and defend their loved ones.

INFJs are extremely empathetic, and truly experience the emotions of their friends. However, they aren't as quick to act on their own behalf.

Because INFJs don't want to hurt other people, they are less likely to speak up for themselves. They simply don't want to cause confrontation or hurt.


3. They Hate It, But Want To Improve It

To be honest, lots of INFJs just don't really like the world. This could be in terms of politics, or just the structure of everyday life. However, they're really keen on improving it.

INFJs can feel like they don't belong, or like the world doesn't make sense to them. However, INFJs also have a need to improve and grow. This personality type can take their frustration and turn it into positive action.


4. Organised Chaos

INFJs can have a very contradictory approach to cleanliness. Often, INFJs are meticulous and organized. This is because it complements the way they think. However, they aren't necessarily as keen on cleanliness.

It's common for someone with an INFJ personality to live amongst clutter and garbage, but if you ask them for something, they know exactly where it is.


It's boring for INFJs to be in the same space over and over again, due to their creative minds. Also, tidying could seem very boring to an INFJ, or like a waste of their precious time.

5. They're Loner Butterflies

INFJS has the contradictory nature of being both social butterflies and loners. Due to being introverts, INFJs live in their own heads more than out in the world.


However, INFJs really like other people. After all, they're sensitive and warm personalities.

As well as enjoying their own company, INFJs enjoy sharing their lives with others.

6. They're Relaxed Perfectionists

In comparison to other personality types, INFJs are quite relaxed. However, this doesn't stop them from being perfectionists, especially when it comes to themselves.


Creativity matched with their strong core values means INFJS have high standards when it comes to themselves.

7. They're Creative But Sensible

This personality type is great at balancing dreams and actions. INFJs can be very artistically talented, or strong creative thinkers, and can go on to become successful at turning those skills into businesses.


The combination of sensible actions and creative thought mean INFJs can have some pretty big ambitions.