I'll Always Love You, But I Don't Really Like You Anymore


Initially, I was captivated by your wonderful qualities as a person when we met. Your admirable traits sparked my interest from the outset, and before long, I developed deep feelings of love for you. I felt incredibly fortunate to have you in my life. However, something has since altered. You've changed, and not for the better.

1. You're Not Sweet To Me Anymore

I miss the way you used to compliment me and express your love. Your sweet gestures and thoughtful actions were some of the things I adored most about you, but they seem to have disappeared. You no longer go out of your way to do these things for me, and it makes me feel sad.


2. You Say Rude Things To Me

While you may not physically harm me or use foul language, the sly remarks you make that you try to pass off as jokes can still be very hurtful. I believe in having a playful and humorous relationship, but not when it comes at the cost of the other person's emotions.

3. You Aren't Invested In Me Anymore

In the past, you couldn't bear the thought of being apart from me and would constantly message me, expressing how much you missed me and how wonderful I am. However, now it feels like I have to plead with you to spend time with me, and you seem more enthusiastic about being alone or hanging out with your friends than being with me. There are times when I wonder if you even remember that I'm still a part of your life.


4. You're Pessimistic About Life

When it comes to our relationship, you used to see possibilities in everything. You were always the one to lift me up when I was feeling low and reassure me that everything would be alright. You had a positive outlook on our relationship and the future life we would build together, which was one of the things I loved about you. However, it seems that this optimistic perspective is now absent.


5. You Don't Seem To Like Me Anymore

I understand that relationships evolve over time and the initial excitement may fade, but I'm starting to wonder if you still have feelings for me. You don't seem to find my jokes funny anymore and I don't see you smiling at me just because you're happy to be with me. There's a shift in your behavior and it's something that's concerning me.


6. You've Gotten Lazy

Lately, it feels like you're not putting in much effort into our relationship. I'm the one who's constantly running errands, doing the dishes, and picking up things for you. Meanwhile, you seem more invested in watching TV shows and texting your friends than anything else. I remember when you used to be so driven and thoughtful. I can't help but wonder where that version of you has gone.


7. You've Lost Your Spark

The person I was originally drawn to, who was full of enthusiasm, joy, and positivity, is not the same person I see now. You seem to spend more of your time feeling down and unhappy. I genuinely care about you, and it's disheartening to witness you in this state.

8. We Lost Our Friendship

While I fell in love with you romantically, I also valued you as a person and cherished our friendship. Unfortunately, that friendship we once shared seems to have disappeared. We used to have a genuine appreciation for each other's company and could find enjoyment in even the simplest activities. I will always love you, but the part of me that loved being with you as a friend has gradually faded away.