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IKEA Customers Baffled As Woman Finds Secret Room

Ikea Customers Baffled As Woman Finds Secret Room

For many people, IKEA is a truly wonderful place full of interesting interior design marvels. On top of that, the place is full of strange decorations and meatballs.

Given all the surprises the stores have to offer, it hardly comes as a surprise that customers often overlook several things during their visits there.

For instance, recent footage has shown a "secret" room inside IKEA that has left other customers in a frenzy.

People feel that they can also discover something in IKEA stores as well.

TikTok user Anjali shared the discovery on the video-sharing platform. She can be seen walking around the store in Greenwich, London.

Anjali starts by walking through two rows of storage units before she takes an escalator. Eventually, she gets to a door that has a door with "Infinity" written above it in pink neon letters.

After entering the room, she can be seen around several lampshades that provide a purple light. The room is full of mirrors, creating the illusion that it goes on and on.

The TikToker explained that the video was about finding a secret Infinity room in IKEA. Still, other than the clips she posted that show her walking through the store, she never offered any additional clues about how other shoppers could have a similar experience.

The room has created a lot of mystery and resulted in many responses from people who want to know if such a room exists in stores outside Greenwich.

Ikea Customers Baffled As Woman Finds Secret Room

A viewer wanted to know why they had never seen the room in the Greenwich branch despite visiting it several times in the past. Anjali simply responded saying, "Look harder."

Another user joked that the room is not a secret because the "bloody sign lights up!"

The truth is that a lot of people have not been as lucky as Anjali has been. Still, she is not the only person who has discovered the "Infinity Room."

A different video shared on Pinterest showed a different IKEA customer surrounded by mysterious lights. Unlike Anjali, the customer provided a few hints about finding the room.

The internet user revealed that the room was "located downstairs after the plants' section."

Many TikTok users are visiting the Greenwich IKEA branch, trying to find a strange and secret room. Those who will not find the room can still take comfort in the fact that they can enjoy buying fun furniture.