Ignore Her And She’ll Learn To Live Without You

Don't buy into the "play hard to get" myth. It has cost a lot of people the best partners.

So, if you are a guy who mistakenly thinks ignoring a woman will make her want you more, then understand that you might be creating the exact opposite effect.

Instead of chasing you, odds are that she will be less interested in you.

So, ill-treating your woman will not have her give you more love and attention. Sure, it might work at first, but she will become aware of the manipulation sooner or later and that is when everything will go south.

In some cases, it might not work at all, unless with inexperienced girls who are yet to figure out what kind of partners they can end up with in relationships.

As a matter of fact, there are a couple of reasons why ignoring her will never make her more attracted to you.

First of all, a woman who is worth your love and affection knows exactly what she wants. So, if you are in a relationship with a woman who understands that she needs to be in a relationship where her partner is genuinely into her and cares about her well-being, she will not stand for the mind games you will want to play on her.

She will also be willing to give back what she gets. If you love her, she will love you as much if not more. And similarly, if you ignore her, she will also ignore you.

In any case, if she notices some dishonesty in your behavior, she will immediately understand that you are not serious about her and will simply walk away from the relationship; and no last-ditch attempts to win back her affection or your former place in that relationship will go anywhere.

Additionally, a real woman understands that you cannot ignore someone you love. No one would withhold their love from someone they love and care about. Women are especially fond of the attention and love they get from those who love them, and they will know right away that you do not have genuine love for her when you ignore her and treat her however you want.

The only message you will give her by ignoring her is that you cannot be counted on, and you will not always be there to meet her needs. This will lead her to conclude that she is better off without you in her life.

There are also men who mistakenly believe that hiding their true intentions is what will keep the relationship going. But a truly good woman will value honesty above most other things you will have to offer. They understand that true intimacy cannot exist without honesty.

So, what's the lesson here?

It's simple – if you want a truly loving and intimate relationship with your woman, do not ignore her, play games on her, or be dishonest with her. This will only push her away, and she will be right to leave.

If you love her and you know she is the right person for you, you will not find it in yourself to withhold any affection from her or hide anything from her. A real woman will truly appreciate this and repay you in kindness; helping you two create a strong and loving relationship that fulfills both of you.