If You're Trying To Decide Between Her And Me, Don't Pick Me

In matters of love, involving three individuals can be complicated. Personally, I prefer to avoid any drama or situations where there is a romantic dilemma. Therefore, if you find yourself torn between me and someone else, please do not feel obligated to choose me. Ideally, your feelings should be clear and unambiguous. If you are uncertain, I will make the decision for you and opt to depart from the situation.

1. Love Isn't A Decision

Love is not a decision; it's a sensation. If you find yourself in a position where you have to make a conscious choice to love me, then the love isn't genuine. Love is a natural occurrence that cannot be forced. Similarly, you cannot compel yourself to stop loving someone. Authentic love should happen automatically, and if it doesn't, then it's not true love.

2. You Should Know Whether Or Not You Love Me

Regardless of your feelings for her, how can you be certain that you are in love with someone? Genuine love should come naturally, and if you are unsure or feel like you have a choice, then it might not be authentic. If you are struggling to determine your feelings towards me, it's likely that you don't love me. It's that straightforward.

3. If There's A Choice, Then You're Already Settling

I share the same sentiment. Love is not like catching fish and selecting the best one out of the lot. You must wait for that special person who you believe is "The One." If you don't think that person is me, please move on. I'm not interested in being with someone who settles for me because I am merely "good enough." I deserve someone who recognizes my worth, and so does she.

4. I'll Save Myself The Drama

Dealing with a love triangle seems like a lot of hassle, and I'm not interested in getting involved. I'm no longer in high school, and I'm over the drama. I'm seeking a mature and adult relationship, and I assume you are too. I'm tired of playing games and enduring unnecessary distress. Therefore, if you're not interested in me, please spare me from any further agony.

5. You're Not Worthy Of My Love

If you are unable to choose between us, then you do not value the love I have to offer. I deserve to be with someone who regards me as irreplaceable, and every woman does. If you do not feel fortunate to be with me, then perhaps you will have better luck with her or any other potential partners. I'm seeking a man who is utterly smitten with me, but if you cannot make a decision, it's apparent that you are not that person.

6. This Isn't A Competition

I refuse to engage in a competition for your affection because it's unnecessary. Women should not be pitted against one another, vying for the love of a single man. There are no victors in this scenario because, in the end, whether you settle for me or her, we all lose.

7. You're Just Another Guy

You are not a deity, nor are you the ultimate prize for women. So why would you anticipate us fighting over you? To you, I may be just another girl, and the moment you chose to create a dilemma between her and me, you became nothing more than another ordinary guy in my eyes. Congratulations.

8. This Choice Isn't Up To You

The decision is mine, and I've resolved to leave you behind. Our relationship was meant to be solely between us, but you brought a third party into the equation. You seem to believe that you can display us on a platter and pick your preferred choice, but I'll make the decision for you. To put it simply, if you are uncertain about wanting me, then I have no interest in you.