If You're Not Looking For Anything Serious, Go Away


Although there are many individuals seeking casual hookups, I used to be among them, but my perspective has changed. I desire genuine love, but it's challenging to locate a man who shares the same goal. While I may have previously compromised for less commitment, that's why I now decline to date someone who isn't seeking a genuine connection.

1. I Want The Guy Who Isn't Afraid Of Relationship Labels

Having been in the dating scene for a while, I've realized that casual hookups and almost relationships don't pique my interest at all. I yearn to be a girlfriend, someone who's cherished for the long haul. If you're not looking for a long-term commitment with me, kindly leave me be and don't attempt to persuade me to settle for anything less. I'm seeking a man who's unafraid of my true intentions.

2. I Won't Be Part Of A Rotation Of Girls You Already Have

I've experienced the shock of being one of many women on a guy's speed dial, and I'm no longer interested in being a mere player in the game of dating. I anticipate and merit being the sole woman in your life if we embark on a relationship, and I don't understand why it's deemed unreasonable to expect that these days. If you're not the type of guy who's exclusive with one woman at a time, then I'm not the right match for you.

3. I'm Not The Late-night Hookup Type Of Gal

I'm not interested in receiving late-night visits unless you're fully committed as my boyfriend and a significant part of my life. I don't just welcome anyone into my home. Once I'm settled into my nightly routine, with my bra off and face exfoliated, you'll need to offer something substantial if you want an invitation inside after hours.

4. I Refuse To Settle For Less Than What I Want

Regardless of how much a guy tries to persuade me that he likes me but cannot provide what I genuinely desire, I won't stay to take my chances and potentially endure a broken heart. I'm intimately aware of my desires, having learned from my experiences what I can and can't tolerate. I want a guy who's intellectually compatible with me and knows he desires a remarkable partner for the long term.

5. My Time Is Valuable

I've spent an excessive amount of time on guys who were only leading me on or not genuinely interested in dating me, and I refuse to allow history to repeat itself. I acknowledge that my life is incredibly hectic, and I cannot afford to waste time on guys who aren't willing to fully commit to being with me.

6. I'm Worth More Than The Casual Spot In Someone's Life

I take great pride in being the woman that I am and recognize that I have a lot to offer as someone's partner. Women of my caliber do not settle for casual relationships for a valid reason: we are exceptional and should not have to play second fiddle when we are capable of being a queen.

7. I Know What I Want Out Of Life

I'm prepared for the next thrilling phase of my life. I've experienced the "party girl" and "casual" lifestyle, had my share of fun, and pulled myself together. I've reached a point in my life where I'm eager to explore love and committed relationships, and I'm willing to embrace the journey, one step at a time.

8. I'm Ready For Something Real And Long Lasting

I'm finished with having brief, meaningless relationships simply to avoid loneliness. I realized a long time ago that having one significant person is far superior to having numerous casual partners in my past. To me, there's no sense in wasting my energy on temporary nonsense when what I crave is a stable, full-time relationship.

9. If You Want Me, You Need To Earn Me

To be the guy by my side, you must take my terms and conditions seriously. I am not asking for anything unreasonable when I request someone who genuinely desires me for who I am, rather than merely filling a momentary gap. I want the kind of guy who is willing to commit fully, who will proudly introduce me as his girlfriend, and start working towards building a genuine future with me. If any of this intimidates you, I'm not interested in pursuing a relationship with you.