If You're Not Happy, Leave Him, Even If You Still Love Him

If You're Not Happy, Leave Him, Even If You Still Love Him

You've been a passenger on a roller coaster of multiple emotions for too long.

The constant swing between letting go and holding on has been on your mind for ages. Your relationship has exhausted you but you are not ready to give up on him. If you are not happy, simply let him go even if you still love him.

You are still madly in love with him, but you're feeling these emotions fade from your heart. You've been running on a low tank for the longest time, hoping that he'll give something in return to no avail.

In any successful relationship, it is about more than giving and taking. It also involves enthusiastically sharing love and respect with your partner. Unfortunately, you are the only one doing this.


Your heart and mind are tired, exhausted, and drained but you still want to hold on. You are hoping that everything will work out in the end.

Your love for him makes you feel compelled to hold on. You actually hope that he'll come around and stop giving you the silent treatment. You hope that your love will be enough to turn the tide in your relationship.

You hope that if you're patient enough to wait, his passion for you will come along. You tell yourself that if you give him a little time, he'll get back and become the person that he once was.

Sadly, that person is long gone, and you're on your own. He may be there physically but his love for you has diminished over time.

Your heart tells you that he still loves you. On the other hand, your mind tells you that it's time to let go and move on because there's no need to hold on to something that's not there anymore. You tell yourself that it's easier said than done.


At this point, you tell yourself that it is better to simply follow your brain instead of your heart. You are wracked by conflict and what you think is right is literally tearing you apart.

Every night you cry yourself to sleep. You hope that your tears will reduce your pain and everything will be back to normal in the morning. Unfortunately, you wake up, and everything is still the same. You're drained, exhausted, and empty.

Despite all of your inner conflicts about him, today you've decided to do something.

Today you have decided to get up and leave all the drama that is unfolding in your life. You have had enough. You're done with the silent treatment, alibis, excuses, and lies.


You no longer want to feel ignored and neglected. You are done feeling like it is your fault.

You granted him the power to make you feel that you're not good enough.

Today, you are taking that power back.

Tell yourself that you are good enough. You're not too much, not too intense, not too empathetic, not too emotional or obsessive.

You remind yourself that you love him, but you're letting him go.


The action of letting him go is necessary to create a space in your life for self-love to grow back. You are creating a space for those that love you the way you love them. In addition to this, you are letting him go because you have realized your self-worth and found that you deserve better.

Your love for him is still intact, but you've realized that you need to love yourself first to manage loving someone else. Letting him go for your own well-being is never selfish.

If you are still not strong enough to let him go and recall your self-worth. Take a look at your life, and think of how you want it to be.

Is this really how you want to be treated for the rest of your life? You are never selfish for doing what is best for you.

You still love him, but it is time to tell him goodbye.