If You're Not An Old Soul, You Won't Understand These 7 Things!

If You’re Not An Old Soul, You Won’t Understand These 7 Things!

Some people collect vintage stuff, but you, my friend, your whole life is retro-chic!

You're probably wise, sophisticated, and there's no way you aren't into all astrology, the French revolution, and scratchy vinyl records. Not these new ones, the originals, because being unique is your second nature.

Unfortunately, you are often misunderstood, since you were always different, and smarter than your age. Maybe it's a past life thing; perhaps it's something else. But, I am sure, only a truly Old Soul will find themselves in these 7 unusual things and situations!


1. You give the best advice

Being an Old Soul is more than a label. You're a sharp thinker, and your friends enjoy your input.

Though you don't easily fit in, people love you because you're unusual, but also a great listener, and you're not the one to talk trash TV or anything meaningless. You're a deep thinker, and you know how to give someone the good healthy talk they desperately needed.


2. You enjoy your "me" time

Instead of overcrowded clubs, your choice is a cozy sofa, a good book, or a homemade dinner for your besties.

As an Old Soul, you love to take a break from people and socializing. You're never lonely, and alone time is always used wisely.

3. You're a planner

Many see you as a parental figure, and there's a good reason for it: you don't only take care of others, you enjoy planning.


In fact, you're enjoying it a bit too much. And your friends know that you can plan an adventure, although it sounds a bit absurd. Planning an adventure? Please leave it to the Old Soul.

4. Joy's in the tiniest pleasures

While some see you as a loner, others think that you're acting a bit stuck up.


The thing is, you're not acting: you have fantastic taste, and your main pleasure comes from little things.

It's a bit ironic to be so worried about the future, yet so present. But, that's what an Old Soul understands. Being here is temporary, but what's next, well, that's up to the universe!

5. Dating is kind of weird

Old Souls aren't into Tinder, their Instagram's look like antique stores, so dating isn't as easy as it should be.


Your idea of dating is considered outdated, and you still see romance in black and white, with handwritten letters and boxes of candy. It may be old-fashioned, but there was a sense of respect and charm kids these days will never understand…

6. Your standards are high

From picking friends and lovers to your career choices, everything has to be dignified and classy.


Old Souls have high standards, which makes them seem complicated. At the same time, they can turn Monday morning into the most delightful part of a week, and that's simply because they love life.

7. You're tired and drained

For someone who enjoys life, it's unusual to feel so drained all the time.

But keep in mind that Old Souls give their time to make others feel better while overthinking and planning everything.


Always looking on the inside isn't as easy as it sounds, so give an Old Soul space to rejuvenate. That's why they don't have issues being alone: they need the time to reset and continue making this world a prettier, wholesomer place!