If You're Not 100% Sure You Want Me, Please Tell Me So I Can Find Someone Who Is

I have strong feelings for you, and at times, I believe you feel the same. However, there are moments when I'm uncertain. I desire to establish a genuine and enduring connection with you. Nonetheless, if we're not on the same wavelength, please inform me promptly, so I can seek out someone who is.

1. You either love me or you don't

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. When it comes to love, it's often a matter of just knowing. If you're unsure, then it's evident that you don't love me, at least not in the way that I love you. While you may want to have the same level of certainty and intensity for me, it's not something that can be forced.

2. I want a guy who's all-in

I'm seeking your complete heart, not just a fraction of it. If that's all you can offer, then I regret to say that it's insufficient. I won't settle for a relationship with uncertain prospects. You must either wholeheartedly commit to me, or I'll have to ensure you remain single.

3. I don't want to be the one you settle for

However, it's only valid if you genuinely desire to be with me. I don't want to be in a relationship with someone who's settling for me. I understand the feeling of being certain, and that's precisely why I know our relationship won't thrive if you're uncertain. I'm not asking for too much; all I'm asking for is the same level of certainty that I'm providing you.

4. I can't be confident in this relationship if you're not confident about me

It's impossible for me to give you my whole heart and love you entirely when I can perceive that you don't reciprocate the same emotions towards me. If you're uncertain, I can never be certain about us or our relationship. I'll always be apprehensive and insecure, which will only add to my existing anxieties. I don't want a relationship that exacerbates my worries; I have enough to deal with in my life already.

5. I don't want you to grow to resent me

If you choose to stay with me despite not having genuine feelings, you'll end up resenting me in the long run. I don't want to coerce you into a life with me if it's not what you genuinely desire. It's entirely up to you if you choose to depart, but if you opt to stay, then you must be certain about your feelings for me.

6. If you're looking for something more, I should be able to do the same

If you're seeking more than what I can offer, is it not reasonable for me to want the same? I yearn for more than a man who's uncertain about his feelings for me. I desire to feel safe and secure in the embrace of someone who loves me entirely, and vice versa. If that person isn't you, please be honest with me so that I can search for a man who can fulfill those needs.

7. I want to be with a guy who isn't afraid of commitment

To be frank, I'm unable to comprehend what you're scared of. Are you afraid of getting hurt? By delaying the relationship, you're causing pain to both of us. Ultimately, if you were confident that you wanted me, you wouldn't be apprehensive about being in a relationship with me. It's that straightforward.

8. I'd rather you break my heart sooner than later

If our relationship is doomed regardless, then here's what I want: if you're going to break my heart, do it now. The sooner you do it, the quicker I can start the healing process and move on to a man who genuinely desires me. All I'm requesting is that if you're going to break my heart, do it promptly.

9. I don't want to waste any more time

I've already squandered enough time, so if this relationship is bound to terminate eventually, then I want to be liberated right away. We're just at a standstill, but I desire to progress forward. If you're not in my future, then you need to be officially a part of my past because I can't afford to waste any more time on a man who doesn't genuinely love me.

10. If you're not Mr. Right then you're obviously Mr. wrong

Those are the only two possibilities. If you're uncertain about me, there must be a reason. Although I desire to be with you, if your intuition is informing you that I'm not the one, you should heed it. When it's not right, it's wrong — and I'm exhausted from being wrong.

11. I deserve certainty

I merit a man who doesn't perpetually doubt his feelings for me. I yearn for a man who awakens each morning, certain that he's madly in love with me. I deserve someone who never questions whether I'm a blunder. If you're unsure about having me in your life, then I'm absolutely certain that I should depart.