If You're Looking For Something Real, There's No Point To "Casual" Dating

Why consider "casual" dating if you're seeking a serious relationship? It could be a way to get to know someone, but it can also be a way to avoid commitment. While it's wise to take things slow, if things are going well and the person you're seeing wants to keep things casual, it may be a red flag.

1. You shouldn't confuse "casual" with "taking things slowly"

If a guy wants to keep things casual, it does not necessarily mean he wants to take things slowly. He would have explicitly stated that if that were the case. Taking things slow can be positive because it indicates progress, whereas maintaining a casual relationship implies a lack of commitment or progression.

2. He's taking you to a dead-end

If you've been in a casual dating relationship for some time and your partner has not made any effort to move forward, it seems like you are in a state of uncertainty or unclarity about the future of the relationship.

3. He should know what he wants

When someone says they want to see if you are a good match after multiple dates, it may indicate that they are not fully committed or interested in the relationship. This can be seen as a way of prolonging the dating process without making a commitment. At this stage, it would be expected for them to have a clear understanding of their feelings and take steps towards a more committed relationship.

4. There should be expectations

When someone says they want no expectations in a relationship, it can be misleading. It may be interpreted as wanting to live in the present without any future commitments, but it may also indicate that they do not want to be held accountable or responsible for the relationship. This attitude can be problematic, as it is normal for expectations to develop over time in a relationship. If this is the case, it is important to understand this early on to avoid confusion or disappointment in the future.

5. He might be using it as a way to get sex

When entering into a casual relationship, it is important to establish clear communication and make sure that both parties are on the same page. If one person is just looking for a physical relationship without any emotional or romantic investment, it can be considered manipulative if they are not upfront about it and not calling it a fling or casual hookup.

6. He wants to keep his date card filled

Casual dating often implies that the relationship is not exclusive, it is important to have a clear conversation about whether or not both parties are allowed to see other people. This can prevent confusion or hurt feelings if one person is committed to the relationship while the other is not. It's important to be honest and upfront about your expectations.

7. He's not looking for a serious relationship

A person who wants a casual relationship is typically not interested in a committed one. It is important to understand that this person's intentions are to keep the relationship at a certain level, in which they don't have to invest much effort, but still expect to get the benefits. This can be seen as unfair or manipulative, and it's important to set boundaries and have clear expectations about what you're looking for in a relationship.

8. He might actually be a commitment-phobe

If you've been in a casual dating relationship for some time and there is no indication that the relationship is moving forward, it may be best to end it before investing more time. If the person you're dating is not interested in discussing the possibility of a serious relationship, or belittles committed relationships, it is likely that they will not be open to a more serious commitment in the future. In this case, it would be best to move on and find someone who shares your goals and values in a relationship.

9. He only likes the chase

If someone is initially persistent in pursuing you, but their efforts start to fade, it's possible that they are only interested in the thrill of chasing and not the commitment of a real relationship. This type of behavior could indicate that the person is not truly interested in you and it may be best to move on and find someone who is more invested in a committed relationship.

10. He's dizzy from all the options

He is the type of person who likes to keep his options open and not limit himself. He is interested in you, but also wants to explore other possibilities, so he may say he wants to casually date to keep you around, but in reality, he may be actively seeking out other potential partners on dating apps.

11. Screw him, you're a priority

You deserve to be treated as a priority, not an option. It is not fair for someone to lead you on and make you believe they are serious about a relationship with you, while they are also casually seeing other people. It is best to move on and find someone who truly values and recognizes your worth and is willing to commit to a serious relationship with you.