If You’re Going To Send Him Nudes, Make Sure To Follow These 9 Rules

There was a time when sending nudes was among a list of taboos you should avoid, but that was a long time ago. These days, people are having their nudes leaked online all the time, and sending nudes is no longer considered crossing the line. If you have nothing against sending nudes to your man, then there is nothing stopping you. Before you do, please make sure to follow these simple rules.

1. Don't Include Your Face

One thing ugly breakups, hacking, and jilted lovers have taught us is that your nudes can quickly get shared on social media for all the world to see. For this reason, always leave your face out to ensure you have a chance to deny that the naked girl in the picture is you.

2. Do It While Sober

Many things done under the influence tend to go wrong. You can make mistakes that would end in you sending your nudes to the wrong people, leaving you to deal with the consequences for months, if not years.

3. Make Sure They Look Good

As you send the nudes, make sure that they look good. Be sure to check the lighting and other factors as well. In short, take nudes you would be proud of.

4. Know Your Boundaries

Nude does not always mean being completely naked. You get to define what nude means to you. You might even consider a photo of yourself in a bikini a nude. As a matter of fact, photos that are less revealing tend to be more seductive. If you want to go all out and send photos of yourself in your birthday suit, then you can go ahead and do it if it's comfortable for you.

5. Have Collateral

When you send nudes, you might have them held over your head. He might threaten to publicize them if you fail to do something for him. To avoid such a scenario, you should also get something in return, for instance, some of his nudes as well. If he was the first person to ask for them, then he should also show he is not being malicious by sending nudes of himself as a result.

6. Consider The Possibility That Other People Might See You, Naked

You should be prepared for the fact that the guy you are sending your photo to will want to show you off to his friends. Also, in case these are friends you have never met before, be prepared for the fact that they might know you in other ways from your past photos when you first meet them.

7. Don't Send The Nudes To Men You Don't Know

These days, even men you barely know can start requesting your nudes. You might be tempted to do it, especially if it is someone you really like. That is generally a bad idea. At the very least, make sure you know enough about the guy to feel comfortable trusting him with your naked photos before you hit that send button.

8. Confirm Whom You Are Sending The Photos To

There have been cases of people sending their photos to the wrong people. Double and triple-check who you are emailing your photos to so that they don't end up in your boss' or dad's inbox. That would be awkward. Some people have mistakenly uploaded their own nudes on social media, thinking they were sending them to someone privately.

9. You Don't Have To Send Nudes

Never feel obliged to send your nudes to him. Even if you don't, never feel guilty about it. It should never feel like sending nudes is what it will take to have him like you. The right guy would never put you through something that makes you feel uncomfortable.