If You're Feeling Sad That You've Been Single For Another Year, Think About This

If You’re Feeling Sad That You’ve Been Single For Another Year, Think About This

With this year coming to a close, many people are looking forward to bringing in the new year by spending some quality time with their soul mates or spouses. Unfortunately, you haven't been so lucky this year. In fact, you are more likely to end the year single. Yeah, unfortunately, sometimes that's life. You don't always get what you want. Earlier in the year, you had envisioned yourself being swept off your feet by your "Prince Charming," but have you thought that being single again this year isn't bad after all?

You were enjoying life

Chances are that you were too busy to find time to go out on dates. Maybe you were working on improving your business, had taken up a new job opportunity, decided to pursue a career course, or perhaps you took up a new hobby. Don't you think these things are more enjoyable than a nagging or bossy boyfriend? The truth is you were certainly living life to the fullest.


Life is not a rat race

Who said that it is a must to have a boyfriend? You might know of someone single longer than you have but they seem quite fine. On the other hand, there is another person who's been in a relationship for years but has nothing to talk about. Life is supposed to be fun and exciting. Not a dating race.

Your friends admire you

It is not hard to believe that so many of your dating or married friends wish they were in your shoes. No boyfriend or girlfriend to worry about. No having to pick fights because he cannot stop leaving the socks on the table, leaving the room messy, or even kicking your "furry friend (cat/dog)." You are your own boss, and you get to do what you like.


You did fun things

While other people were trying it impress their mates or struggling to keep up with their relationship demands, you were out there doing other things. Rather than staying alone during Valentine's, you may have decided to go explore the mountains or chose to go for a "Girls Night Out with your other single friends. Was this not fun?

Do not always believe what you see on social media


Social media can be a big fat lie. Those selfies of happy couples can be fake AF. Many do it for show; others are pretending just to impress people who don't even matter, while some are simply flowing with the tide. However, since you have been single the entire year, you didn't need to pretend or fake it. You were simply being yourself. How about that!

Life has a lot to offer

Good living is more than being in a relationship. In fact, you will find more satisfaction doing other things instead of constantly quarreling with your partner, trying it to be someone you are not, or faking it to your friends. Being single allows you to see the other enjoyable side of life.

You made new friends


Truth be told. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend can be demanding. There is pressure for the two of you to spend more time together, you have to relocate to be near him, or even feeling rushed to solidify the relationship. As a single person, such pressures don't exist, and this allows you to forge new relationships.

Being single is a passing cloud

Yes, there is pressure from family and close friends for you to settle down. Yes, you want to feel loved and wanted, and enjoy the kisses, hugs, and laughs. However, just because this year wasn't your year doesn't mean it will last forever. Singlehood is a passing cloud and will soon be in the past.

With the end of the year drawing near, chances are you will still be single by year-end. However, rather than worrying or regretting, you should be proud of the achievements you made because of this situation. You did not have to worry about another person, had more time to appreciate yourself and nature, and made new relationships. Being single is fun.