If You're Doing These Things, No Wonder Guys Take Advantage Of You

If You’re Doing These Things, No Wonder Guys Take Advantage Of You

Men can be one of the most controversial creatures that you have ever met. If your guy cheats on you, it's not your fault, but there are certain traits or things that he has observed in you that make you susceptible to being taken for a fool.

You need to be smart, and while reading these statements, it might help you realize that you are doing something that makes your guy take advantage of you.

You are suffering from low self –esteem

Crappy self-esteem fractures your personality. When he notices your weaknesses, he will take advantage of you as he knows you are helpless. This might be a result of being too negative about yourself.

You play games on him

If you choose to play dating games with your guy, it is easy for him to extend the same for you. You might decide to reinvent yourself, but he will use your past mistakes to justify cheating on you. That sounds exploitative.

You lack self-love

If you don't love and admire how amazing you are, how do you expect your boyfriend to love you wholeheartedly? Respect yourself, and you will raise the standards of how you should be treated and treasured.

You are not straightforward

If you are a typical woman who fears to speak her mind, you give him a chance to take advantage of you. Come out boldly and say what you want in the relationship.

You are too dependent on him

Your guy might be taking advantage of you if he realizes you can't survive without him. Well, do you need a guy to be happy? You are the architect of your happiness and once you know that, the opportunistic douche-bags will flee from you.

You are too blind to bad treatment

When you notice there is a change in how he is treating you, you should know he is taking advantage of you. Maybe he is fed up with you, but you continue being submissive to him.

You have issues

Probably, you have been hurt so many times that your trust has faded away. This makes you suspicious of him without a valid reason.

You ignore his past

Do you believe his past deeds can seep into your present relationship? If he had a lousy track record of cheating in the past, what makes you think he might not be doing the same without your notice? Don't ignore his past, be keen.

You let him win

When you become aware of peculiar activities like phone calls and messages, you have the right to an explanation. However, any other time an argument strikes, you easily get manipulated, and you let him win.

You are desperate

You might be desperate for his love. You are committed to the relationship, yet you don't know if he feels the same for you. Be warned he might be taking advantage of you.

You are too good

Good people tend to be taken advantage of. There is no problem with you being a caring and wonderful person, but he might be misbehaving with other women outside the relationship because he doesn't value you.

You put up with more than you should

You never speak up when you get offended; you are a doormat! You are apologizing when he is the one in the wrong; hence, and because of this, he can easily take advantage of you.

You are a poor decision-maker

You let your guy make all the decisions for you, even some that might sound exploitative. There is no problem with trusting him to make some decisions for you, but he might be creepy and using you as a puppet to fulfill his desires!