If You're Dating A Weirdo, Here's All You Need To Know

If You’re Dating A Weirdo, Here’s All You Need To Know

You met a great person, but they are 50 shades of weird. It doesn't bother you now, but what can you expect? Let's answer the burning questions so that you can continue your unusual romance.

What is normal, anyway? It's usually what's expected, so just because someone refuses to fit the social norm doesn't mean they aren't caring or kind. But, they are different than your average exes, so here's what you should know:

The jokers

Not all of the weirdoes have a great sense of humor, but the vast majority will find something funny in any situation.

They are big jokers, and they assume you know that. So before you start an argument, make sure it wasn't just another plain, old joke you didn't get.

Full of charm

Weird people are appealing and charming, maybe simply because they aren't your average Joes and Janes.

Their charm isn't only superficial, and it's followed by previously mentioned humor and lovable personalities. They may seem eccentric, but they can be rather shy. Be careful with your weirdo since they usually have hearts of gold.

They're not into fancy outings

The posh scene isn't for your beloved weirdo. Fancy dinners and clubs are not places where they feel like they belong.

Weirdoes like to make up crazy dance moves, be impulsive, and live in the moment. What drives them crazy is having to pretend they are into something because they aren't great at faking.

Weird people are unusually honest

Though it seems it's all fun and games, when your odd partner is serious, they will be honest and emotional.

Their playful nature usually hides sensitivity, and they prefer to say it as it is. They are capable of being serious, but they choose not to be most of the time.

Don't act pretentious

If one thing a weird person seriously enjoys mocking is pompous individuals. If your best friend is one of "those" people, your partner won't spare them.

It's not always accessible to date someone different. You can't predict their behavior, which can be frustrating. But, if you do learn to accept them, so will the people around you.

They'll try to make you one of them

Yup, the more time you spend with your loving weirdo, the more you'll start acting like one.

Loosen up, and you'll discover that you're not that different. You're only hiding your strange habits better. And you're probably aware that you're a bit weird since you're dating someone who doesn't fit the mold.

They reveal odd things about themselves

Not only that your weirdo is full of useless yet fascinating information, but they will reveal similar info about themselves.

It can be somewhat scary if you only started dating, but if you've been going out for a while, you're going to love these moments. They'll begin talking about aliens, their childhood memories, and other topics, always with an unexpected twist.

From crazy date moves to helping you learn more about yourself, weird people can make excellent partners. But getting to know them and surviving your first dates isn't for just anyone. You have to be open-minded, non-judgmental, and ready for anything to get seriously involved with someone who doesn't need to act according to social norms.