If You're Annoyed By Loud Chewing, You Could Have A Psychiatric Disorder!

If You’re Annoyed By Loud Chewing, You Could Have A Psychiatric Disorder!

Many of us will know that rising feeling of anger when we hear someone chewing loudly in the room or even on the phone. This is a trigger that can make a lot of people feel extremely annoyed, but there are also those who are not bothered by it.

Have you ever wondered why loud chewing makes your blood boil while others sit idly by and ignore it? Well, it is worth knowing that being annoyed by loud chewing could be a sign of a psychiatric disorder.

More About the Condition

So, what is the official name for this disorder and why do some people experience anger when hearing the noise while others don't?

Well, according to experts, it is all down to a disorder that is known as misophonia. This is a condition that results in a person being unable to stand the sound of others chewing loudly, eating, smacking their lips, and making other noises while eating.

However, it is not just limited to eating, as sufferers can also get annoyed at things like loud breathing, pen-clicking, or tapping noises, among others. Many people have never heard of the condition, but it was first diagnosed back in 2001.

What Researchers Say

Researchers have stated that the reason this occurs is that the brains of some people are wired up differently from others, which is why some people get annoyed while others do not. As part of the research carried out in the past, brain scans were taken from a diverse range of people.

During the scans, experts monitored changes in the brain scans when trigger noises were introduced, and there were some pretty significant changes between the different scans. Those diagnosed with the condition are also thought to have problems with emotional control, which is why their blood boils when they hear noises such as loud chewing.

Like other conditions, some people suffer more than others when it comes to misophonia. For instance, researchers found that some people showed annoyance and anger at the sounds but there were also some who experienced increased heart rates and sweats.

How Can You Cope?

One thing you have to remember is that you cannot make everyone eat exactly how you want them to. If a person chews loudly, slaps and smacks their lips, and makes a selection of other noises when they eat, chances are they will continue to do so.

This can make life very difficult for sufferers of the condition, particularly if there are people they work closely with or people in their own homes that do it. Finding a way to cope is vital, as this is something that can make some people with misophonia extremely angry and upset.

One of the things you can try to do is to simply walk away from the situation as and when it occurs so that you do not have to hear the noise that people make. Of course, not everyone eats like this, so you won't always have to make an excuse to leave, but there are times when this may be necessary!

Take a Deep Breath

Of course, you also have to remember that people are not eating in a particular way simply to wind you up and make you angry. It is something they cannot help doing and getting angry about it won't make them stop.

So, if you are one of the many people who gets annoyed by loud chewing, remember that it is a psychiatric disorder that makes you feel this way. Try to find a coping mechanism, take a deep breath, and distance yourself from the noise whenever you can.