If Your Husband Can't Accept Your Body, Throw The Whole Husband Out Says Lindsay Wolf

If Your Husband Can’t Accept Your Body, Throw The Whole Husband Out Says Lindsay Wolf

Lindsay says this concerning a fabulous body: it is "a body that's attached to a human being."

As far as getting naked on Instagram goes, she doesn't deny it: she is a repeat offender. Her defense? "when you have a body as fabulous as mine is, you own that shit."

Lindsay Has Not Always Been So Confident About Her Body


When she looked at herself in the mirror two years ago, she was not happy with her mom bod. She even admits feeling "vulnerable as f**k."

Before then, she had spent about two decades of her life dealing with an eating disorder. She also hated her body and herself.

After getting two kids, she put on 75 pounds, and that's pretty much the story for every mom out there.


She did not stay like she did for lack of trying. She went to a lot of lengths to change her body, and it didn't work.

Lindsay Felt Betrayed By Her Own Body, And That Really Frustrated And Angered Her


That's when she realized she had one option left: to accept her amazing body as it was. She freed her mind from the negative thoughts she had about her body.

That changed everything.

She turned into a happy and proud woman. She is not even afraid to call herself a fat mama, and she promotes her body on Instagram in a mission to help women going through similar struggles learn to accept themselves.


But this is quite a drastic decision, right? People rarely put their naked bodies on social media because they have learned to accept themselves.

Lindsay is no different either. She says her husband is to blame for her "shenanigans" and is the reason you can see her "big ass" on Instagram.

Because Of Matt, Her Husband, Lindsay Gave Up The Attempt To Lose Weight


Some years back, Matt told her he is okay with the way she looks and even finds her more attractive and loves her just as he did before.

This was brutal honesty, and quite sobering too.

Before then, when her husband would appreciatively pat her larger behind, Lindsay thought it was veiled mockery. She later realized that he loved her regardless of how she looked. She was very adorable in his eyes.


Matt has gained some weight too, and Lindsay is okay with it. Apparently, she enjoys having "more of him to love."

Ironically, she did not feel so upbeat about her weight gain. At least not at first. She realized it was not fair for her to embrace his "extra cushion" while shunning hers.

All over the web, there are images of dad bods, and today, they get the girl in movies. While having weight comes with stigma for both men and women, women get the worst of it.


The problem is that men who are as accepting of a larger woman's body as Matt is are rare. Few men can love their women unconditionally, despite their waist size.

What Lindsay Is Doing Is Already Having An Impact


On Instagram, mothers reach out saying although they have accepted their bodily changes, their partners have not. Some even refuse to have sex with their wives after they have gained weight, which, honestly, is horrifying.

Obviously, such women suffer a lot of psychological damage. Having a child causes a lot of changes to a woman's body. That is why it is unfair to tell her she is not attractive anymore.


Body Shaming Is The Lowest Anyone Can Get


A women's body undergoes a lot of changes. And no one's body remains the same throughout their lives. They expand, have stretch marks, sag, and look nothing like they did before.

There is more to a woman than her body, and men need to realize this. Anyone who isn't shallow and inconsiderate of how far we have come as a society.

To all the women who are concerned about their body image, Lindsay has this to say: "And if you ever need any more rambunctious pep talks to help you remember how amazing you are, come find me."


No wonder she is a hero to many.