If Your Boyfriend Won't Do These 11 Things, You're Basically Single

Why stay in a relationship that's not going anywhere? Your boyfriend's lack of effort could indicate that your relationship may never be a happy and healthy one. While he may not be intentionally leading you on, if he's unwilling to do any of these 11 things, it may be time to accept that you're essentially single and officially end things.

1. Make the proper introductions

If you've been dating for a few months and he hasn't introduced you to his family and friends, you might as well be single. A guy who's committed to his relationship wouldn't hesitate to make introductions. Even if he talks about his loved ones, if he doesn't make an effort to have you meet them in person, he's clearly not ready for a relationship.

2. Listen to your problems

A supportive boyfriend should be present for you in both good and bad times. If he disappears when you need to talk about your concerns, or ignores you and fails to listen, he's not just a bad partner, but also doesn't deserve a place in your life.

3. Help you find solutions

A caring boyfriend would be happy to help his girlfriend, so if yours is indifferent when you need him the most, he's not the right person for you. He doesn't have to have all the answers or solve your problems for you (you're capable of handling them on your own), but he should at least show concern.

4. Be your plus-one

While you shouldn't expect him to always be available as your plus-one for every event, if he consistently declines your invitations, don't waste your time trying to figure out why. Take it as a sign that he's not willing to do even the small things that matter to you, and for that reason alone, he deserves to be removed from your life.

5. Open up and let you in

If he's not willing to be vulnerable, he's probably emotionally unavailable, and who wants that? While a past relationship that ended poorly may have hurt him, if he's not ready and willing to love again, you're simply wasting your time.

6. Show unwavering loyalty

Loyalty is a crucial aspect of dating and relationships, and you deserve to feel confident that he always has your best interests at heart. If you hear a rumor that he's betrayed your trust, don't waste time trying to investigate. Change your relationship status on Facebook to single as soon as possible.

7. Figure out what makes you feel good

If the focus is only on his pleasure in the bedroom, and your needs are never met, what's the point of continuing the relationship? A considerate partner would want to please you by asking about your preferences and acting on them. If he's a selfish lover who doesn't care about what turns you on, it's time to end things.

8. Talk about the future

It's unrealistic to expect him to make wedding plans after just a few months of dating, but a man who's in love will want to include you in his future plans. If you notice that he never talks about you when discussing his future, it's a sign that he doesn't see a long-term future with you. Summon the courage to end things and get back into the dating world to find someone who genuinely wants you as a part of their life.

9. Limit his social media creepiness

When a man enters into a relationship, he should leave his single behavior behind. Social media is one way that many men keep their options open and stay in touch with potential partners in case their current relationship doesn't work out. It's understandable to feel annoyed if he likes another girl's selfie, but if he frequently leaves flirty comments for other women, it's time to take a stand. He's still playing the field, and you shouldn't tolerate that behavior at all.

10. Be honest

If he lies about trivial things, it's difficult to believe that he'll be truthful about important matters. It's not right for you to deal with someone who lacks the courage to be honest with you. Moreover, many single men out there appreciate honesty just as much as you do. So, why not give them a chance and put your relationship with your dishonest boyfriend on hold.

11. Get hands-on

Your boyfriend should be your reliable support system, whether you're stranded on the side of the road or need help getting rid of a tiny spider in your bedroom. If he's not willing to lend a hand and fix things for you, he's not the one, and his behavior indicates that you're essentially single.