If Your Biggest Fear In Life Is Being Single Forever, You've Got It Good

If you're content with being single at the moment but feel anxious about the idea of growing old without a partner, there are 15 compelling reasons why you should embrace the prospect of being single forever. Ultimately, being perpetually single is not as terrible as it may seem.

1. you're never alone

That is, unless you decide otherwise. You have the opportunity to establish countless connections with those around you, which could even prove more fulfilling than romantic relationships. Being single frees you to explore these connections to the fullest.


2. You'll live life your way

You are not obligated to compromise on your needs and aspirations, which is often necessary in relationships or marriages. Instead, you can shape your life precisely as you desire in all aspects. What a freeing experience!

3. Most people end up alone

Although it may sound pessimistic, the truth is that numerous women in their later years find themselves alone due to divorce or other circumstances. Nonetheless, as a forever single individual, you'll have the advantage of knowing how to manage all that alone time since you haven't been sidetracked by the expectations and shattered dreams of a failed marriage.


4. You'll have better finances

Planning for your retirement may not be at the forefront of your mind, but it should be. Remaining single means you'll have more funds available to finance your aspirations and secure a comfortable lifestyle when you retire.

5. You'll have solitude

It's crucial to understand that having time to yourself is distinct from feeling lonely. Spending time alone allows you to think independently, unwind, and cultivate personal development. Who needs a partner for that? In reality, being in a long-term relationship frequently hinders your ability to achieve these things as frequently as you'd prefer.


6. You can do what makes you happy

As a forever single individual, you have the freedom to volunteer, travel extensively, develop amazing friendships, chase unconventional dreams, and explore any other pursuit you desire. Happiness takes many shapes, and a romantic relationship is not the sole avenue to achieving it, for heaven's sake.


7. You can be selfish AF and it's cool

Why not take advantage of this opportunity? You don't need to factor in a partner's thoughts or concerns. It's entirely up to you and what you desire! When you were in previous relationships, how frequently did you have the opportunity to focus on your wildest aspirations? The answer is likely not enough.


8. You won't be in an average relationship

Far too often, people come to a juncture in their lives where they feel compelled to settle for someone who isn't their ideal partner, simply because they're available and willing to get married. This is utter nonsense. By avoiding this route, you can live a genuine life and avoid wasting your existence on an average relationship.


9. You'll be happier and less stressed

Regardless of whether you're in a relationship or not, it's impossible to be 100% happy all the time. However, being single can spare you from dealing with specific relationship problems like drama, your partner's emotional baggage, betrayal, and incompatible life goals, ultimately contributing to a greater sense of happiness.


10. You open yourself up to new things

Embracing your single status can help you see life as an exciting adventure, as you're not tied down by a relationship or marriage. Consider all the things you can accomplish with the abundance of free time you now have at your disposal!

11. You question what you want

By being single, you have the opportunity to reflect on what you genuinely want in life, rather than going through the motions or adopting your partner's desires as your own. As a result, you'll be more in tune with your personal definition of happiness and the path to achieving it.


12. You Might Be Healthier

According to a 2013 study published in the Health Psychology journal, married individuals tend to gain weight and become less physically active within four years of getting married. By remaining single, you may be more inclined to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, rather than becoming complacent due to the satisfaction of being in a relationship.


13. You won't die alone

It's common to have fears about being single, like being eaten by cats, but these concerns are baseless. You don't need a partner to be with you when you die because you'll have plenty of other people in your life to support you. Moreover, the notion that you need someone just to avoid dying alone is absurd. Instead, focus on your current needs and what you can do to live a happy life, and keep in mind that marriage isn't the only path to fulfillment.


14. you won't be held back

It's a common misconception that you need a partner to accomplish certain things in life, but this is simply not true. As a forever single, you can pursue all the things you would have in a marriage, such as having children, cultivating strong bonds and meaningful relationships, and enjoying a fulfilling sex life. These things are not exclusive to those in a relationship or marriage.


15. You won't regret it

In hindsight, not settling down with someone isn't a common regret people have when they're dying. Living a life that's true to yourself is the most common regret. So focus on living a full and fabulous single life, rather than worrying about not having a man.