If You Want Men To Go Wild For You, Do These Five Things

If You Want Men To Go Wild For You, Do These Five Things

Are you curious as to why some women seem to have men swooning over them even though they make minimal effort to get that attention? Believe me. This has nothing to do with stunning looks or blind luck.

These women have men dancing to their tunes because they know what it takes to make a man fall for them. It has nothing to do with them trying to win their attention.

These women know how to make men pursue them and vie for their attention. In other words, they let the guys do all the work, which is why they seem to attract their attention effortlessly.

You can be this kind of woman by doing these 5 things.

1. Allow The Man To Prove His Worth

When a man comes into your life, don't bend over backward trying to prove yourself worthy. That's his job.

Let him prove that he deserves you and be patient as he does. And also, don't spend every waking moment waiting on him to drop by or call to prove to you he cares.

When he comes trying to prove himself, let him find you busy with other things. You should call or text when it's necessary, but not to prove yourself.

2. Say No To Bullshit

If you want a real man to fall for you, avoid all kinds of bullshit from any guys interested in you. Make it clear from the very beginning that you will not accept some things or behaviors.

A man who realizes that you will not do whatever the hell he wants will find you very interesting. He will feel that it's because you are worth the effort and know what you want.

Men hate easy targets, and they value them even less. They want the ultimate catch they know few men could get, but only after making a lot of effort.

So, be that kind of woman by not standing up for bullshit. That does not mean having a no-nonsense attitude or talking tough but is rather about expressing yourself and not breaking your word when you say you won't entertain certain things in your life.

3. Let The Man Pursue You

A woman who wants men to pursue her knows one age-old secret: men like to pursue rather than get pursued. Even though times have changed, evolution has not caught up, and most men like to do the chasing.

So, learn to be wild and worth pursuing, and men will be instinctively drawn to you. Unlike women, men like to give love rather than receive it.

As long as the guy shows you how much he loves and cares about you, he will be very interested in winning you.

4. Don't Make Men A Priority, At Least At First

Your relationship might advance to where the man becomes your greatest priority, and there is nothing wrong about that at all if he is the right man for you.

But if you are just starting out, don't go all out for him.

It's simple if the man makes you change your whole life even though you hardly know him, then you have made him a priority, and that will make him less interested in you.

When he asks you to go out with him and you had other plans, don't cancel. Such behaviors will make him less respectful towards you and he might start taking you for granted and feel the urge to pursue a woman who makes his pursuit more worthwhile.

5. Express Yourself

You should never get into an argument with a man on how you should be treated.

If you feel that the man is not doing it for you, let him know. And this is not complaining or whining, but rather speaking up and letting him know whether or not what he is doing is okay.

A man who deserves you will make an effort to change where necessary.